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Which square-1 should I get?

Which square-1?

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Sep 20, 2014
In my honest opinion CubeTwist BY FAR. I have both of them and cubetwist is sooo smooth and lovely, like a shengshou aurora/wind in a square-1. The mf8 is just meh imo

But its up to you ! ;)

In reviews i have seen in youtube before buy them, they said that cubetwist was better, i think was convinsa but im not sure, i can search the review. Anyway i finally bought both because i couldnt decide :S was like 4$ anyway the cubetwist so not a big waste
Jan 11, 2012
I know I'm in the minority when I say this, but I really like my Mf8 v2. It feels very clunky and pops happen sometimes, but it corner cuts, and, in my experience, it pops WAY less than the other brands. I haven't had too much experience with other brands, but from what I've tried, Mf8 v1/Calvin's are both too sensitive to alignment for my liking, and my CubeTwist Square-2 pops like nothing I've ever seen.
Jun 12, 2010
I have several different SQ1's, I have a Calvin's, an mf8 v1, mf8 v2, Guojia and CubeTwist. I would say probably Calvin's or CT are the best ones, although I haven't fully broken in and lubed most of them yet.

The Calvin's one started off very bad for me, it was very stiff, I eventually took it apart and cleaned the plastic dust off the pieces and then it ended up too loose and over spun. So I put in quite a bit of viscous lube to gum it up and now it's really great, but maybe it still over spins a little. On the rare occasion it'll pop

The CT one feels buttery and like it's better quality but feels a bit sluggish in comparison, I've not had any pops though, but I'm guessing if I was to loosen the tension it would probably start popping.
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