speed solving

  1. A

    Fangshi Too fast

    Hey! I just bought a fangshi shuangren v2 to replace my old Zhanchi. My only problem with the cube is that it turns way too fast. I mean it literally slips out of hand while solving. Take into consideration that i am strugling to get sub 30. I tried adjusting the tensions but it just doesnt...
  2. Ultimate Cuber

    Unofficial Cubing Competition In Georgia, USA

    I'm thinking about possibly organizing an unofficial cubing competition at the Laurens County Library in Dublin, Ga but I need to have a rough estimate of how many people would come if I did. Also if holding the competition at the library doesn't work out, my grandmother's church has a large...
  3. badmephisto

    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    To my surprise I found cubes in the biggest Toronto newspaper today (Metro), on page #2. Millions of people here read it. Thats the exposure that we need! :D pic: http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/842/metrocubeee7.jpg It got me wondering about exactly how much exposure it is getting...
  4. DANrulz81

    [Help Thread] 3x3 Cross Help and Discussion

    macky's website has everything. Seriously. Here is cross. YouTube Videos badmephistofazrulz1camcubercyoubxcrazybadcubermonkeydude1313HowtoCubeRobH0629TheAnonymousWisdom Original post: Can u help me with the Cross? I got time between 12 & 20 seconds. My Problem is, that I don't "see" the...