1. CuberRiley

    2x2 Cube in a Cube Pattern

    Check out the video here: Thanks for watching!!!
  2. TheSeppomania

    [Unofficial] Mirror-Morphix Solve

    just did a timed solve with my handmade puzzle. i think there exist less than 5 of this cubes at the moment ;)
  3. DarioRubik

    [Unofficial] 57.51 5x5 Single

    I've been trying to get one of these on tape for a while...
  4. S

    What's allowed in competitions?

    Is this tournament trick legit? So lets say I have like 18.22,17.58, 19.84, 22.56 in a tournament, and it's your last solve. If you see that you messed up your solve, can you just stop the solve, count that as a DNF, and it will be an average of 4? Also, can anyone tell are there strategies...
  5. E

    [Unofficial] Is this sub 7 solve fake?

    So this kid is apparently sub 16 and was sub 20 a few weeks ago. He claims to have multiple sub 10s, sub 8 and even has gone as far as claiming that he holds a sub 5 and sub 4 (like wtf?). The tps in the solve looks abnormal to the actual time, there are many prominent lockups and the...
  6. S

    Top speedcubers?

    Does anyone know what method Feliks Zemdegs uses? Is he color neutral? HOw do you possibly progress your average from 10 seconds to 8? Thanks
  7. Coolster01

    [Official] 1:00.25 Megaminx Single! - Rami Sbahi

    Louis makes me look slow. :( Terrible CP.
  8. Coolster01

    [Official] 2.85+ 2x2 Single

    Setup: R2 U2 R' U' R U2 R' Solution: R U2 R' U R U2 R2 (cancel into lefty 2-swap alg) overturned it go to 0:21 if you don't like the best intro ever ;(
  9. Coolster01

    [Official] 1:05.28 Megaminx Average w/ 1:02.26 Single! (Rami Sbahi)

    (1:12.87), 1:05.56, (1:02.26), 1:02.32, 1:07.96 Skip to 3:03 for best single. woooowwwww...
  10. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 10.9 3x3 single w/ roux

    i think the music in the background is one of Epic Loyd's "diss raps for hire". the cube i used is a guhong2 (those new fancy cubes are the devil!). im actually really surprised that this video exists; i had one min of footage on my camera so i decided to do some filming and i was rewarded with...
  11. CriticalCubing

    How to Solve the Rubik's Cube using Petrus method

    Hello Guys, I searched this forum and I could not find a thread for learning Petrus, so I thought why not make one? So here is the tutorial on Petrus. I hope you like it and give me your feedback on it :) Thanks in Advance I hope you like it and tell me where I can improve ? People say this...
  12. B

    Some Yau walkthroughs

    My first walkthrough solve video! Please tell me your thoughts. :D Brest?
  13. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin - 40.15 4x4 avg12 (39.56 avg5)

    Cube is Shengshou v4 modded by Yoshi.
  14. slinky773

    [Unofficial] Average Cuber Cubing Session

    I think I pretty much covered most of what I need to improve on in the little commentary I added. Comment if you notice anything that I didn't.
  15. paulangas

    [Unofficial] 7x7 Sub5 Single

    Centers: 2:13 s Edges: 2:07 s 3x3 :27 s Any tips to be better?
  16. L

    Example solves (I'm French)

    I really want to know your suggestions (tips) :)
  17. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin - 43.46 Feet single from solver's angle

    I was holding the camera in my hands, so it's a bit slower than it would be otherwise. Hopefully I can make up for my 41.44+ NAR fail at Worlds :) Scramble: L' R2 U2 R2 F2 L' B2 R' F2 U2 B D' L2 D' F2 D' L2
  18. X

    [Unofficial] 1:12 4x4 solve - Tomas canevali

    so here it is, first ever recorded solve for me hope you like it. sorry about that "forgot parity" panic lolz, camera makes me nervous sometimes. enjoy
  19. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] Megaminx With Feet: 17:34.86! I don't plan on EVER doing this again. I'm sooo relieved that I got this over with.