1. PingPongCuber

    Selling Mini Force Cubes (And a few other things)

    Hi, I have recently made 6 30mm force cubes that I am selling. Here are the photos: I am charging $20 for all of them, not willing to negotiate, only paying through Venmo, and only selling them as a...
  2. Parity Nightmare

    Selling/Trading X-Man Volt V2 FM Sq1 and Moyu Aoyan Skewb

    Hi guys, I am selling/trading an X-Man Volt V2 FM Sq1 and a Moyu Aoyan Skewb These cubes are in good condition, with the box, but have been broken in with 200 solves, and lubes with Traxxas 50k. I will only sell/trade these at the following competitions. Spokane Pi Day 2020 West Seattle...
  3. Matthew W

    Extra Magnetic Cubes: Little Magic M - MF3RS2M - Wuque M - Cubicle Wuque M - Wushuang M

    shipping is free in US Prices negotiable All cubes magnetic YLM: $15, stickered and stickerless, logo MF3RS2: $20, stickered and stickerless, logo Wuque: $25, stickered and stickerless, logo Wushuang: $30, stickered and stickerless, logo Cubicle Wuque M: 35, stickered, no logo, additionally set...
  4. Matthew W

    Selling - XMD Shadow M for $45 free shipping

    I'll ship anywhere in US, and I accept paypal It is set up with angstrom lubes, but I can clean it out if you want It is in perfect condition, but doesn't have the XMD logo If you do not live in the US, shipping will cost extra If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask or PM me
  5. CuberRiley

    Selling a Bunch of Cubes!

    Ayyyeee, the video talking a bit about it is here (srry for low qual) And you can find the PDF with all the prices & cubes right here
  6. I

    YuXin 11x11x11 For Sale!

    EDIT: The puzzle has been reserved. Hello everybody, I have one 11x11x11 that I have never solved. I can't have done more than about twenty turns on it. A few small stickers have fallen off, but most stickers seem fine. Either way, I have a set of factory stickers that I shall include. I have...
  7. M

    Selling Entire SpeedCube collection (with Some Rare Other Twisty Puzzles)

    Hello! I have lost interest in Twisty Puzzles over a year ago and decided to put up my collection for CASH offers (paypal). Email me at [email protected] to discuss offers. PRICES ARE NOT FINAL My collection includes : 1 StackMatPro Timer w/ Mat ($15) 1 Shengshou 7x7; Great...
  8. V

    [WTS] Big pack cubes (almost anything you want) bargain !

    Hello im having some money troubles, so im now selling my most precious pieces of my collection for need. The prices are very low because i need to sell it fast. you can buy them separetely, make your own pack with the cubes you want but at least minimum amount 50€, but the ideal would be...
  9. bigbee99

    Selling some unused cubes c:

    PM me with any offers you have :cool: Preferred payment method is paypal, and will ship anywhere. - Black LanLan Skewb ($4) - Stock stickers, nothing really done to it, barely used - Black Yuxin 4x4 ($7) - 10-20 solves on it, stock stickers - Black MoYu Weisu ($8) - 50ish solves on it...
  10. maxcuber322

    Trading and Selling 4 Cubes at Great Cubing 2015

    Hey all, I am selling and or trading 4 different puzzles At Great Cubing 2015. They are : ShengShou Megaminx, Okamoto Official latch cube, LanLan 3x3x2, And a custom made bandaged Cube. If you are going to Great Cubing 2015 And want any of these puzzles, PM me!
  11. MOcuber

    Shengshou 7x7 White and Ayi 4x4x5 up for sale

    I've recently accumulated a shengshou 7x7 and an Ayi 4x4x5. Their condition is very good and have both been barely used. Both puzzles are lubed and can be sold together as a set or separately. Unfortunately, I can ship only inside of the U.S. and money order would be the best payment. If...
  12. Tanzer

    Selling good stuff (5, 6, timer) -GREAT DEAL-

    IF POST IS STILL UP I'M STILL SELLING - PM ME Hey guys - I'm selling a lot of good stuff, for very low prices (in my opinion) SHIPPING ONLY WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. Note: If you buy more than one thing, or all, the price goes even lower. Everything is in fantastic condition, and I will...
  13. D

    20+ Cubes to Sell!

    I have quite a few cubes that are in great condition that I wish to sell. PM me if you're interested! List below: Cubic: Stickerless Diansheng 3x3 Stickerless 3x3 Wellness Ball White SS 6x6 White SS 7x7 White SS 9x9 Shape Mods: White 2x2 Dodecahedron White Pyramorphix White...
  14. Tanzer

    Selling three 6x6's- 1 Florian Modded Shengshou, 2 V cubes

    Sold -end thread-
  15. Tanzer

    Selling Stackmat Timer & Display (Gen 3 Pro Timer)

    Everything is now sold. End thread.
  16. D

    Selling all of my cubes

    I want to sell most, if not all of my cubes. I don't have any time for them anymore and have lost interest in them. :( Here's a list of my cubes: And here's a picture of the entire collection: Cubic: 54.6mm Fangshi White Plastic Black Caps 55mm Stickerless...
  17. RageCuber

    Dayan Megaminx stickerless w/ridges - Selling/Trading

    I never do megaminx because I'm so slow at it. Its's practically new, but I will be selling it for lower than online stores (at least the ones I checked) Most places were about $20 (search it if you don't believe me), I'll be selling for 14ish. If you are not interested in trading or buying, do...
  18. SnipeCube

    Selling 6x6, 7x7, and 8x8

    Hello, I am trying to get rid of my V-Cube 6, Shengshou 7x7, and Shengshou 8x8. Vcube 6 - $30 Practically brand new. Unmodded, barely solved. White Shengshou 7x7 - $20 Very good condition. It was my main for a while, but I have only solved it maybe 30 times. White Shengshou 8x8 - $60...
  19. SnipeCube

    Trading a lot of cubes!

    Thread no longer active. Please delete.
  20. BurntTheCube

    Selling/Trading White Dayan Zanchi

    My first speed cube was the Zanchi but I've moved on to bigger and better cubes. Its is broken in a bit, and has a lubed core and lubed pieces. It is not tensioned. Also the stickers are chipping pretty badly but ill send a set or two of new stickers (the normal dayan/fangshi colors). Can take...