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Selling/Trading X-Man Volt V2 FM Sq1 and Moyu Aoyan Skewb

Dec 18, 2019
On the Rocks that make up Saturns Ring
Hi guys,

I am selling/trading an X-Man Volt V2 FM Sq1 and a Moyu Aoyan Skewb

These cubes are in good condition, with the box, but have been broken in with 200 solves, and lubes with Traxxas 50k.

I will only sell/trade these at the following competitions.

Spokane Pi Day 2020
West Seattle Favorites 2020
Pudget Sound Pajamas 2020

These cubes will probably be on sale for about $10 ~ $15 each

I am looking to trade both of these cubes for a Yuxin Huanglong M 3x3 (Stickerless), or a Moyu Aosu GTS2M 4x4 (Stickerless)

I am open to any trades/offers

Thanks for letting me know!