1. ArbishAli

    [Help Thread] Stripped Screw

    A screw is stripped. How do I fix it.
  2. PuduMaster

    LanLan 2x2 screw help?

    I just got a LanLan but because i took it apart too much and unscrewed it a lot, the screw wont stay in the little hole no matter how many times i twist the screwdriver. will the cube still work if i glue it in?
  3. B

    [Help Thread] Puzzle Setup / Tension Discussion

    Hey guys, im still relatively new to cubing ( 2 months ) and i have purchased a white Guhong from icubemart. I love it, however there seems to be a slight problem. No matter how loose, or how tight i adjust the tension screws, the tension doesn't change. The white and yellow sides are so lose...
  4. TK 421

    How to make Mefferts 5x5 THE BEST+Screw problem fixed

    Ok, because it is old 5x5 mech and pre-lube with a gooey Mefferts lube (but a very even coating) you must clean it. remove caps adjust tension Lube and break in. here's the problem with screw/core the screw unwinds itself. go to home depot or other hardware store. buy the most EXPENSIVE...