1. A

    Selling entire collection! All types of cubes available

    Hey! I am trying to sell my entire cubing collection to the right person. I will sell them in bulk or one at a time. The cubes that I have available are as follows, along with their price in USD: Rubik's Brand 3x3 Stickerless - 5 Unproportional 3x3x7 - 12 Windmill Cube - 8 Pyraminx(Missing...
  2. PingPongCuber

    Selling or Trading Valk 3 Mini, Valk 3, and X-Man Wingy Skewb.

    Hi! I stumbled upon some high-quality cubes that I don't use anymore, and am willing to sell or trade them. If you have a cube that you would be willing to trade, please offer that before selling it, as I would much rather new puzzles. For all of these puzzles, you pay shipping, and it will be...
  3. B

    31 Cubes For sale

    Hello! I am selling a bunch of my cubes and i accept paypal only. also you must pay for shipping PM me for prices and/or offers The cubes i have are 2x2 Moyu lingpo stock stickers Qiyi 2x2 stickerless 10 dollars 3x3 ABOUT 10-15 dollars, mostly 11 or 12 dollar cubes Moyu white dianma black...
  4. 1w3playZ

    ShengShou 9x9 for sale at Lexington Spring 2015

    Hey everyone. If you are heading to Lexington spring 2015 on April 11th in Lexington, Mass, i'm here to tell you that I am selling a shengshou 9x9 for 80-90 dollars. If you want to see an unboxing of this exact cube, here is my unboxing video: its not...
  5. MOcuber

    C4U Gigaminx for Sale!

    Hi, I have had a C4U Gigaminx sitting in my collection collecting dust as I am simply not interested in solving it. Although it is out of its box it is in pristine condition and has not been solved once. If interested pm me or email me at [email protected] This is a picture of it
  6. OliverSW

    Stickerless Moyu Aosu 4x4 For Sale

    Stickerless Moyu Aosu 4x4 **SOLD**
  7. S

    (CHEAP) Moyu / FangShi / Shengshou SpeedCubes For Sale

    (CHEAP) Ghost Cube/SpeedCubes/Shape Mods For Sale Hey guys. I'm selling a few cubes, all in great condition, and basically brand new. All puzzles are in original packaging, with original pamphlets. Most have all been retstickered with the highest quality stickers, TheCubicle vinyls and have...
  8. L

    Singapore Cubes for sale

    Singapore cubers, I have cubes for sale, and I believe it is the cheapest price avaliable locally Weilong Black: Qty 1 Price 12 sgd Aolong Black: Qty 3 Price 13 sgd Cyclone Boys 55mm Qty 3 Price 5 SGD
  9. D

    25+ Cubes BST

    I have 25+ Cubes I want to unload. Here's a list. If interested give me an offer. Here's a picture of my entire collection If you see something you might be interested in, I might want to sell it even if it's not listed. Thanks! Diansheng Stickerless 3x3 3X3X2...
  10. BurntTheCube

    Buy one Fangshi get a free cube of your choice!

    I need cash for a black Weilong and I don't use my White Fangshi V2 anymore. Its broken in very little and is tensioned loosely. Core is lubed and its stickered (very well I might add) with Cubicle Fitted Half-Brights (pristine condition). I still have its box. If you buy this cube you have...
  11. speedcubingman

    Puzzles, Cubes, and Timer for sale

    SOLD (with box) Calvin's square 1- $11 SOLD (with box) Lan Lan Rex Cube- $10 2x3x3- $4.50 Dayan Lunhui v1 (doesn't pop, but no torpedoes)- $6.50 speedstacks stackmat timer v1 (with battery)- $13.50 prices are debatable worldwide shipping email me: [email protected] shipping is free (all 50...
  12. Lethalis1234

    Selling Fully Modified V-Cube 6 (Adjustable Core + MMAP Mod!)

    Hello everyone. I have a V-Cube 6, 100% modified that I'm wanting to sell. It's white, and it includes the MeMyselfandPi clicking mod that removes all clicking in the cube, but it does NOT have the pins inside. You will have to do them yourself, or the middle will come out of alignment. The...
  13. jsh33

    Would anybody like to purchase or

    I've had these domains and now I would like to sell them. How about $100 for one or $180 for both. Edit: or
  14. rubixwiz031

    Sellin/ trading dem cubes real cheap

    White Zhanchi Silk w/ brights, but Red instead of Pink $15 Black Lubix Zhachi w/ brights, but red instead of Pink $15 Stickerless Lubix Lunhui $15 Darth Maul 2x2 head $10 Black Curvy Copter $20 SOLD QJ megaminx (i forget the version, but it's the better one) lubixed and with cubesmith standard...
  15. K

    Cheapest cube ever bought!

    Today I went to a yard sale. I found the family selling a Rubik, pretty worn in (good) and stickers in perfect condition cube for 75 CENTS!! :tu Best deal I've got. And it is perfect for people that I teach to, or share in my rubik's cube club in college. Good deal. Any others found out a...
  16. cubedude7

    NEW V-Cube 6 for Sale

    Hi Everyone, I won this cube a few weeks ago at Twente Open 2012, but since I already have one, I decided to sell it. Here's a picture: As you can see it comes in the old box. It also comes with the little pamflet. The bid starts at 20 euros (about 26$) excl. shipping...
  17. mdolszak

    Dayan + Mf8 4x4 for sale

    I have a (regular sized) Dayan + MF8 4x4 for sale. It is in very good condition (<10 solves), and is lubed with Lubix. It is a really nice cube. I'll sell it for $12 (plus shipping) PayPal. PM me or reply if you're interested. Thanks!
  18. D

    trading vcube 2a lubed with lubix.

    i would like to get a lunhui, f3, alpha cc, haiyan memory, or a guhong with bright stickers.
  19. Axiys

    QJ 5x5 for sale!

    Hey everyone, So I have a QJ 5x5 for sale on Ebay for $15. I have lubed and broken it in, I fixed the lockups it was having. I am also willing to trade it for a YJ 5x5. Link...
  20. Hovair

    Eastsheen 4x4 parts for sale (great for modding)

    Hello everybody one of the corners of my eastsheen 4x4 broke so I will not be throwing it away. the rest of the 4x4 pecies are in great shape so they will be for sale. There will only be seven corners for sale These peices would be great for modding. iErNKUQg_SU