rubik's cube

  1. T

    [Unofficial] Square 1 avg 5 38.26

    I practice a little bit square for one month and now I can do this :
  2. granada

    How the Rubik's cube gave me a job

    Hello there. I want to share a personal experience of how i got a job because of rubik's cube. Well. I am 18 years old and a have been for about 6-8(i dont remember exactly) years long into computer programming. This year i entered the college and i am studying computer's science. The same...
  3. CuberMan

    Indonesian Championship 2012 - Yogyakarta

    About the Competition Indonesian Championship is a bi-annual competition, together with Indonesian Open, they are the largest Rubik’s Cube competition in Indonesia with more than 120 competitors came in Indonesian Open last year. The winner of the competition will be crowned as national...
  4. B

    Euro 2012 MOVIE :))

    Check it out :)
  5. CuberMan

    [Official] 7.96s single at Jakarta Open (Non-Lucky)

    Here's the video of 7.96s 3x3 non-lucky single, done by Stephen Adhisaputra in the 1st round of Jakarta Open 2012. Jakarta Open Result: I failed at all finals :facepalm:
  6. CuberMan

    [AsR] Baramee Pookcharoen 9.65 OH single

    Done by Baramee Pookcharoen at US Nationals 2012
  7. H

    "The Liar" Short film Rubik's!

    Hey all! I am a long time lurker. I'm also a full time actor, and am making a short film for festivals this year that will feature a rubik's cube being solved! :) The character will be a novice, and I myself am nothing to brag about. *Best time 22, average around 45-60 ugh* But I am hoping to...
  8. cubedude7

    [Unofficial] Pyraminx Crystal - 4:39.56

    Any tips for improvement?
  9. cubedude7

    NEW V-Cube 6 for Sale

    Hi Everyone, I won this cube a few weeks ago at Twente Open 2012, but since I already have one, I decided to sell it. Here's a picture: As you can see it comes in the old box. It also comes with the little pamflet. The bid starts at 20 euros (about 26$) excl. shipping...
  10. Meshack

    WPF, Blend, Blender, 3-D Rubik's cube application

    Posted this a few days ago;
  11. CuberMan

    3x3 official single: 6.84 at Rubikku Champ 2012 (Indonesian NR)

    done by Stephen Adhisaputra (me) at 5th solve on semifinal. I think no one record it, reconstruction will be posted soon. here's the picture:
  12. brandbest1

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Cube Average of 5- 20.73

    Go ahead and reconstruct- if you can!
  13. M

    Guide | Rubik's Cube easy animated toturial (new!)

    How to solve a Rubik's Cube - beginners method with animations. maorshon.
  14. B

    Minecraft Cube

    I found a picture today of a shirt that has a 3x3x3 on it, and all the stickers are blocks from Minecraft. So I made it my mission to make myself one of these! The sticker icons I chose were Creeper's Face Dirt TNT Cobblestone Diamond Ore Sand Whaddya think? Imma make it no matter...
  15. d4m4s74

    [Unofficial] Multitasking: Juggling two balls while solving a cube (Untimed, but around 1:30)

    About a year ago, I used to juggle on the streets for money, and after a while I decided to solve a cube while doing it to get some extra spectators. After I lost two of my balls (You wouldn't want to hear that in any other context) and I got a real job, I kind of stopped doing it. Well, a...
  16. jonlin

    A word about practice

    Is this all you noobs are blabbing about? See, I've practiced. A lot. And then I hit a roadblock of 30 seconds. And then I posted a speedsolving forum asking people what to improve. Then I got comments like,"This kid is trying to find the easy way out, when he should just be practicing." That...
  17. S

    Can you use Treadmill Silicone spray for lubing your rubiks cube?

    Can you use Treadmill Silicone spray for lubing your rubiks cube?:confused:
  18. 300SpartanX

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Cube OH: 39.43

    kinda bad, but i liked the pll and couldnt get anything better on camera.
  19. 300SpartanX

    Rubik's Cube Solving Clones - After Effects

    I race myself in a cube solve. The cube is a dayan guhong, and the solves itself kinda sucked, because i mess up in front of a camera. The effect I used was pretty simple, I just got the two videos, layered them, then masked out myself in the second one. here it is, please comment: