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[Member Intro] Greetings


Dec 24, 2014
London, United Kingdom
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Hello everyone, my name is Maximilian Berkmann.

I'm a british 18 years old speedcuber and I've attended my first competition last weekend (Oxford Winter 2014) where I've unfortunately messed up: Square-1, 3BLD, FMC and the 3x3.
I'm doing: 2x2 to 5x5, Clock, Square-1, Megaminx, 3x3 OH, 3BLD, Pyraminx, FMC, Skewb; where my PBs are respectively: 1.27, 16:52, 2:09.96, 4:57.35 (official), 27.60 (official), 1:13.80, 4:24.59, 58.83 (official), 14:56.07, 14.9, 44 and 10.80
I might specialize in 3x3, 5x5 and Skewb later one.

Some important facts about me are that I have the Corpus Callum Agenesis which basically affects my memory and my speed which is a real pain for cubing and I'm a web developer doing also programming and SEO stuffs.

I started cubing in January 2014 where I got my first speedcube which was a DaYan ZhanChi (the 4th) and started speedcubing in late February 2014 and I'm now able to solve any Rubik's cubes (2x2 to 100x100+) as well as those puzzles above.

I enjoy helping others (in anything).