1. GAN 356 X

    Skewb average CR by Connor Sullivans | 3.03 at Hobart Hoedown

    Congrats to Connor Sullivans on his skewb CR!
  2. CJCubing

    [NAR] 4.24 NAR by Patrick Ponce

    An amazing North American Record by Patrick Ponce on Cam! :eek::eek::eek::D:D:D
  3. lego

    [Chilean NR] Leopoldo Ibarra - 43.52 Single Megaminx

    Very happy whit this, the average was good too (50.92) video coming soon.
  4. newtonbase

    What camera do you use to record solves? record solves? I'm interested in getting a camera for recording solves only so would appreciate if you guys could tell me what you use and what you think about it. Price would help too. Thanks.
  5. Frapdeizer

    [ER] 6x6x6 1:56.43 mean of 3 - Michał Halczuk

    Still a lot of place to advance. Cube - AoShi, Stickers - my own production.
  6. lego

    [Unofficial] [PB] Megaminx Average of 5: 59.144 ( PB single 50.515)

    Hi everyone, it´s my second sub 1 average (5 solves), also pb average and single.
  7. BboyArchon

    [Spanish NR] 3x3 with Feet - 1:24.20 mean of 3

    Finally, got it last Saturday even though I failed on all 3 cubes LL cases. I know it's not as impressive as Jakub Kipa solves but I'm working hard to get better and better.
  8. lego

    [Chilean NR] Leopoldo Ibarra 10.12 3x3 Average 8.25 Single

    I want the sub 10 :D
  9. antoineccantin

    [Official] Antoine Cantin 12.48 3x3 OH avg (12.13 NAR without +2) (13.78+), 12.19, (10.80), 12.82, 12.43 = 12.48 Argh +2s :( That 3rd solve though :) Aaaaand I still pause too much.
  10. DarioRubik

    [Spanish NR] 7.61 3x3 average + 6.58 Single - Dario Roa

    Finally got a sub-8 average in comp! Also, in the last three solves I zommed in slightly and then added the timer on the top. Tell me if you like it better than leaving it as is (just like the first two solves). Got the single in the first round too (though this can easily be...
  11. Coolster01

    [ER] Bennet Wichmann - 1.77 2x2 Average

    (2.63), 1.58, 2.05, (1.08), 1.69 = 1.77 Average. Amazing. I'm so happy for you, Bennet! :D We've been racing for quite a long time now. It's cool to see that you've gotten to this level! Kevin got 2.87 ;( If Bennet's 2.05 on the third would've been replaced with Kevin's 1.34 on that...
  12. DarioRubik

    [Unofficial] 57.51 5x5 Single

    I've been trying to get one of these on tape for a while...
  13. TheSeppomania

    Ghost Cube 1:23.76 single UWR

    should be the fastest solve so far ;)
  14. Coolster01

    [Official] 1.79 2x2 Average - Rami Sbahi

    2.10, 1.61, 1.65, (1.44), DNF = 1.79 Official 2x2 Average *Sigh* If only I didn't lock up so bad on pretty much every solve. Whatever, I guess it happens. This is my 3rd best official 2x2 average, so that's nice! Now me and Lucas are tied for amount of sub-1.8 official averages.
  15. antoineccantin

    [WR] Antoine Cantin - 8.75 3x3 One-Handed single

    Pretty happy about this one :D Dem pauses though D:
  16. DarioRubik

    [Unofficial] 7.53 3x3 average of 12

    Finally got one on tape :)
  17. antoineccantin

    [Official] Antoine - 8.36 3x3 average + 6.50 and 6.79 singles

    Pretty happy about these :) Done at Montreal Open Fall 2014. 8.36 was the winning average by almost 2 seconds.
  18. PixelWizard

    [Swiss NR] Tobias Peter - Pyraminx Single 2.93

    First NR, done at Swiss Science Open 2014
  19. Coolster01

    [WR] Lucas Etter - 1.60 2x2 Average! 1.59, 1.75, (1.96), (1.21), 1.47 = 1.60 WR Average. Congrats, dude. You deserved it so much more than me. <3 stil another round for Lucas AND Chris! :D