1. A

    New webapp to practice 3x3 algs, recognition, cross

    Hi everyone, I have released a new cubing webapp that can help practice the following: 3x3 algorithms (F2L, OLL, PLL, COLL) Recognition (OLL, PLL, COLL) Cross + Transition to F2L I took some ideas here and there to create a simple app that could help improve my times. It's completely free...
  2. LunarCuber

    ROLL Tutorial

    You may know, there are pretty much no resources for learning ROLL out there. So I decided to make a spreadsheet that teaches ROLL. If you want to request an algorithm, feel free to message me and I'll add it. I'm also doing a video series to go along with the spreadsheet, to make it easier for...
  3. PingPongCuber

    Megaminx Headlight Recognition Trainer

    Hi all, I am learning all 151 Megaminx PLL algorithms, and noticed that I was having trouble recognizing whether the headlights were opposite the edge or adjacent to it, an easy task that proves to be very helpful on 3x3. I made this trainer to help:
  4. Aerma

    ZBLL Classroom: New Discord Server for ZBLL-Learners and Those Interested :)

    I've just created a new Discord server for people who are learning ZBLL (full or part of), are interested in learning ZBLL, already know ZBLL, or are just interested in ZBLL as a concept. I made it because I feel that I often need to ask a question or make a comment about ZBLL, but it doesn't...
  5. C

    Need some help with ZBLL edge recognition.

    So I am starting to learn ZBLL’s and I watched Chris‘ video on recognition, and I got it. But I have learned some h cases and recognition should go as follow, look at the FR corner, see where the two edges are corresponding to the corners colors, execute that case. But that doesn’t really work...
  6. C

    Algebraic PLL recognition

    So I've decided to learn 1-look PLL. The first problem seems to be recognition. It's a fact that all the cases can be completely recognized from seeing only two edges (five cubies). There's some code that helps you figure it out quickly. But my mind does algebra very quickly. For example, I...
  7. H

    Recognizing CxLL from all angles?

    Hello, I've started to learn COLL for my 3x3x3 recently. There was no problem with recognition of the Pi and H cases. But U, T, L and Sunes are completely different. So there is my question, how to recognize them fast from all angles while being color neutral? I've been searching through the...
  8. jskyler91

    [Video] My 2- Side PLL Recognition Method

    I told myself I would make at least two videos this break so here is my guide on how I do 2- side PLL recognition. I have received a lot of questions about this so I hope this answers them. I say it many times in the videos, but I would like to again thank Sarah for her amazing guide, without it...
  9. jskyler91

    Which side do you so your 2 side PLL recognition on?

    The title says it all, I am curious which side those of you who do 2 side PLL recognition do their recognizing on. I cannot make up my mind on which is best. It seems to me that the most physically comfortable side to do this on (assuming you use right handed algs) is the right side as the...
  10. climhazzard

    Climhazzard's PLL Recognition training software

    Well, since I have a hard time recognizing PLL's, I decided to do a software that helped me. How to use: This program scrambles a PLL and then you must click the right one. In settings (upper right corner) you can choose if it rotates the cube before scrambling & making U turns at the end...
  11. prasadmanjulago

    Somthing about Doing PLL

    this problem about how to do the PLL 1)after OLL recognize pll,do U or U' , Cube rotation,so now pll in the right do the pll blindly and stop the timer. 2)after OLL recognize the PLL,do the pll.and align U layer by doing U or U' or U2,stop the timer. I'm using what is...
  12. dPod121

    G Permutation Recognition

    This is a little diagram I made for people who have trouble recognizing which G permutation to use: Permutation pictures are from the speedsolving wiki