race thread

  1. Ciparo

    2019 Race to sub-x on a 3x3

    Every monday I will post 12 scrambles for a 3x3 race. Everybody can join in. Just post your goal, times and average. You become a graduate, when you meet your personal goal for 3 consecutive tries. Above 10 seconds you set goals of whole seconds. Under 10 seconds you set goals of halve...
  2. Forcefulness

    Race To Sub-X on 7x7

    I noticed the lacking of a 7x7 race thread, so I decided to make one. Every week I will post a set of 12 scrambles and a set of 5, you may choose to do either then post your results in the format below. The brackets are Sub 10:00, 9:00, 8:00, 7:00, 6:30, 6:00, 5:30, 5:00, 4:30, 4:00, 3:30, 3:00...
  3. Forcefulness

    6x6 Race Thread

    I really like these race threads, and they are definitely motivating me to get faster so I wanted to make one for 6x6. Every week I'll post 12 scrambles from QQtimer, just do an AO12 with those 12, AO5's will be accepted if an AO12 is too much, just do the first 5 scrambles. MO3's will not...
  4. PixelWizard

    Pyraminx Race

    Hello together This is the official Pyraminx Race Thread. Information: - This Race is build on trust, so please be honest :) - A new Round starts every Wednesday (Noon to Midday in North- and Southamerica, Evening in Europe/Africa and Night in Asia/Australia) - Stages are: Sub-12 / 10 / 8 / 6...