1. u Cube

    Lubicle Black on PIECES!!!!

  2. K

    Rubik's Tower Parts 2x2x4 OEM

    Like new Rubiks Tower Parts OEM on Ebay. Cube Lot: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rubiks-cube-tower-pieces-2X2X4-/222037668552?hash=item33b279f2c8:g:aAUAAOSwUuFW069L Internal Part 1: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rubiks-Cube-2X2X4-Tower-Parts-/222037681698?hash=item33b27a2622:g:WlsAAOSwG-1W07IX...
  3. W

    Buying C4U Teraminx Pieces

    If for some reason you have a disassembled cube-for-you brand teraminx, I would be happy to buy individual pieces at a rate which would more than pay for the overall teraminx. Will buy both black AND white pieces as well as stickers.
  4. L

    V-Cube 7 Replacement Parts For Sale *CHEAP*

    I have received questions regarding weather or not Vcube7parts is still open for business. Vcube7parts IS still open, and we have no plans in closing the shop anytime soon. Thank you to all of you that have brought up this question! 50 orders sent out as of May 26th, 2012! Thank you everyone...
  5. rubixwiz031

    Selling V-Cube 7 parts

    Hello. I am fairly new to the forum, and I am selling white V-Cube 7 parts. Just go to this link to find out the names of the pieces. http://puzzleaddictions.com/puzzles/twisty/replace_files/payloom-1-thumbnail_1.png I will be able to send the piece to you with a sticker if you would like AND...
  6. collinbxyz

    Make my own rubik's cube!?

    Hi, I like my cubes, but I want to make one perfect for me, so I decided I want to make my own. Example: buy type A-V core, and ghost hand II pieces, and make my own logo, and print my own stickers out. But there is a problem. I don't have many cubes, so I don't know which core/pieces I should...
  7. *LukeMayn*

    [Help thread] Centre caps falling out

    how does that paper thing work?