1. GAN 356 X

    What 2x2 method do you use?

    Simliar to the 3x3 method thread, this one is for 2x2. I personally use Ortega because I cannot be bothered to learn that many algorithms for an event that is so fast anyway. Instead I am working on Ortega optimisation through watching J Perms videos There is a good chance I have missed out on...
  2. scorpion24

    2x2 Ortega: How to predict the LL permutation from OLL

    Hello, I've been working on a new trick (I haven't found it anywhere else in this forum) where you predict the LL permutation from OLL. If you can predict the first layer permutation, then you can predict full PBL with this. This method can get you faster because you do OLL and PBL in one look...
  3. H

    How can I bring my time on 2x2 with Ortega down from 7-8 seconds to 4-5 seconds?

    I learned Ortega a few days ago on my 2x2 and now instead of getting averages of 5 or 6 I am getting averages of 7 or 8. How can I lower my time to 4-5 seconds like everyone says I should be able to with Ortega?
  4. Note

    One-Answer 2x2x2 Question Thread

    *gets into 2x2 but notices it doesn't have its own One-Answer Question Thread* ._. Could anyone explain how they fingertrick this alg: R2 U' B2 U2 R2 U' R2? I always get a little stuck on the B2.. Also, are there any videos showing this alg preformed? ..Also, what Sub-X should I aim for...
  5. Shreyas NT

    Great Algorithm for the Most horrible 2x2 Ortega case!

    hope it helps! :)
  6. Dounat

    Hi guys!

    Hi! My name is David and I am starting speedcuber from Czech Republic. :) I cube since June, my 3x3 PB is 24:59(Zhanchi/ShuangRen/Yulong, avg mostly around 30 sec) and my 2x2 PB is 2.70(Dayan, avg mostly around 7 sec). For 3x3 I use Fridrich, where I know almost full PLL plus 2-look OLL(cross...
  7. GhettiBoy

    [Help Thread] 2x2 Discussion and Help

    Hello fellow cubers! This is a thread for people who would like to discuss and help those who are in need of it, which explains the name of the thread. To start of this thread, I would like to ask the first question. I've just started learning CLL, and I have already memorized...
  8. yoshinator

    The Ortega Method- How it works, and how to be world-class with it

    http://youtu.be/0_Bd3pNAN6o [The video will be up soon, be patient]
  9. R

    [Unofficial] Back to cubing!

    A few weeks ago i decided to go back cubing... and to see how bad i was right now... however it happen to be that i m kind of better than i though (even if my times are not too good). I did miss a lot cubing, and maybe i can catch up again the speedcubers train. The video doesn't have any...
  10. 1

    New 2x2 method?

    Im not sure if this has method is decent or if it has been created already. It is a combination of guimond and ortega. Step 1: Make face using opposites (red, orange), (white, yellow), (green, blue) Step 2: Oll Step 3: formulas using double turns (ie. R2) and u/d. (this is from...
  11. cubersmith

    Ortega method awkward case.

    So, when solving Ortega, I notice that there is a case that is kind of awkward to fix, the way I do it anyway. Its when you have three pieces of the first side in place and the last piece is also in, but it is twisted clockwise. Can anyone post the most efficient way of fixing this? Thanks...
  12. Mike Crozack

    Ortega method help

    I'm trying to learn the Ortega method on my 2x2, my times increased significantly, as i expected, but i've been practicing for hours and they haven't moved. How much better is ortega than the LBL method and how long does it take until I finally get decent times again? If it helps, Im colour neutral