1. Jam88

    How to practise and learn LL Algs

    Hi all, couldn't find a thread for this, so decided to make my own. I will be adding more over time. Hope this helps, Jam88 P.S. Mods, if there is a megathread for this, then feel free to move it.
  2. fortissim2

    My new OLLCP sheet!

    I got bored one day, so I decided to make an OLLCP sheet with useful anti-diag algorithms! There are about 170 of them, but you don't need to learn them all to be good. The dot OLLCPs are very good to learn, as well as some bad OLL cases (like OLL #55). Feel free to copy and practice them, and...
  3. Filipe Teixeira

    Solving OLL using Sune Variations

    This is my little database of OLL algs with sune variations. You can use it for ollcp. Some cases are bad Original idea: https://www.speedsolving.com/forum/showthread.php?23222-SuneOLL https://filipeteixeira.com.br/suneoll/
  4. CubeWizard23

    [Unofficial] 10.26 EPLL Skip | Cool OLL CP Alg | POV Angle Test

    B2 F2 D2 F2 L2 D F2 U L2 D L2 U' B D B L' U' L2 B F2 R U' x' U' F' l D2 U2 R U' R' L' U' L U' R U' R2' U R R U R' y R' U' R y' U R U' R' y' R' U' R R U R' U' R' F R F' | Orient 2 edges and All Corners U2 r U R' U' r' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' F' | Oll CP 5.1 TPS 53 Moves 10.26 Seconds...
  5. JonathanH

    1LLL/OLLCP-EP algorithms

    1LLL/OLLCPEP algorithms Lately I've been generating a lot of algorithms, not so much for practical use, but rather just for the fun of it. I decided with Robert Yau to generate the whole LL-set for a bad OLLCP case (12 algs) mainly because I was bored and had winter break. This was...
  6. E

    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Please read before posting I'm making this thread for all of those ideas you have that are interesting, yet are not fully developed. This is a place to post them. I have come up with many ideas and didn't want to post a new thread for every one of them when most don't get very far. Perhaps if...
  7. Robert-Y

    Robert's OLLCP table (100% complete)

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq2MYrmu606CdFFuallJVFRDQm9FUm44ekoxbDRwQVE#gid=0 David Woner asked me around 3 weeks ago if I had a list of all my OLLCP algs. Unfortunately I didn't which motivated me to create a list and fill in the cases which I can already deal with. It turns...