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  1. C

    OLL Training- For people who want to learn full OLL!

    Basically this is just a new series that I'm starting called OLL training. I'm in the process of learning the other 50 OLLs so I decided that I would learn it with you guys. So if anyone else wants to learn OLL right now they can tune in every week for a new OLL training video. Week 1's algs are...
  2. T

    [Help Thread] OLL and PLL Discussion

    Hi Guys, 2 weeks ago i bought a cube (3x3) now iám learning solving this via fridrich. I can solve the F2L but now i'am stuck at the OLL and PLL part of Fridrich. I found a couple of sheets with the algorithms from OLL and PLL but eeuh... did you guys realy learn this all out of your...
  3. pjk

    A Collection of Algorithms

    Here you can find algorithms to solve many different situations on the cube. If you have an algorithm you want to add, simply click on the link, and click on "Edit" at the top of the page, find the according case, and add it. Be sure to follow the syntax of the page before adding an algorithm...