new puzzle

  1. LightFlame_

    A New Yet Old Puzzle

    (Heads up, I don't actually know where to put this post, so I just put it here. If this is incorrect, then PM me with the correct folder to put this thread in. I need help with this puzzle, so I figured this would be the best place to call for help.) So, let's rewind to 2016. I was traveling...
  2. R

    New puzzle

    Hello everybody, I am a 17 year old secundaryschool student from the Netherlands. For a schoolproject for my research- and designclasses my group and I have Oskar van Deventer as our client. He gave us the objection to do something new with a cube (this is anything we want for instance a...
  3. E

    How is the V-Cube 3?

    Hey, I may would like to buy me the new V-Cube 3... but what do you think about the V-Cube 3? Is it a good cube for speedcubing? How is the cornercutting? is it better in pillowed or normal? Must I do modifikation? Do you have any reviews/oppinions/knowledge? Hoping for answers ^_^ Greetings!
  4. musicninja17

    Finished my wood puzzle cube

    Worked on this on and off for nearly a year now; it's finally done. I'd like to hear your input. This is more of a traditional styled puzzle box; but in homage to the twisty puzzles I love, I made one side that does rotate. What do you guys think?
  5. miketyka

    Check out this new kind of cube :)

    I've been thinking about how to make a rubik's cube much much harder to solve, and here's the result: Video & Blog post: I'd love to get some feedback! I'm not an expert on cube theory, so i'd love to get some more insight on the consequences of...