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A New Yet Old Puzzle

(Heads up, I don't actually know where to put this post, so I just put it here. If this is incorrect, then PM me with the correct folder to put this thread in. I need help with this puzzle, so I figured this would be the best place to call for help.)

So, let's rewind to 2016.

I was traveling somewhere and in the airport, there was a shop that was about to close down that was selling some shape mods, and they looked pretty interesting. I bought one that looked particularly cool, and didn't really play with it much for the next year.

Fast-forward to 2017.

It was a night where I had gotten bored with all of my puzzles, and decided to scramble two of my puzzles, that, in my opinion, were the most difficult. One of them was this cube.

Pictures: (The forums said that the file size was too large)
https://goo.gl/XGVff7 (sorry for blurry photo)

Then I put it in a drawer to collect dust.

Another fast-forward to last night.

I solved most of it, using CFOP (like I said, it's a shape mod. Kinda.), and eventually got to PLL. It was fairly easy to solve, just color and piece permutation.

I did an alg to finish it off, and I did!

Except, when I took another look at the puzzle (name ideas?), I realized I had some sort of parity.


I tried solving it as two new F2L cases, did the OLL that came up, and did PLL, but I still got parity.

But, seeing as it was like 1:30 A.M., I went to bed to solve the rest the same day.

Which brings me to... today? the same day? I don't know.

Anyway, now I'm stuck in OLL (or not, it might already be solved) after I tried to do a V Perm and failed so badly. (The turning quality is worse (or maybe on-par) with my original Rubik's brand so I often don't remember the rest of an algorithm in the middle of the same algorithm.)

So, now I'm stuck in this position.


Does anybody else have this strange puzzle? (Or maybe an idea of what to call it?) Am I doing something right? Am I doing something wrong? I'm asking for help.

Mike Hughey

Super Moderator
Staff member
Jun 7, 2007
While this may not be very helpful, I would say you probably do indeed have some sort of parity. Are there two pieces on the puzzle that look exactly identical, such that you might have solved "the wrong one" to one of the positions? If so, try swapping the two pieces somehow and resolving. That's how I usually handle parities on puzzles I don't really know how to solve.


Dec 24, 2015
(The turning quality is worse (or maybe on-par) with my original Rubik's brand so I often don't remember the rest of an algorithm in the middle of the same algorithm.)
Try writing down the alg first (or look it up on algdb/wherever). It's way easier to follow written notation than to rely on your muscle memory for puzzles that don't turn very well. Anyway, what Mike said above is probably right.
It looks like there are two grey triangle pieces (equivalent to corners on a 3×3×3), and if you swap those, you should be able to solve it normally.
Thanks everybody!!I treated the parity the same way I did earlier (except with more confusion over OLL seriously it was confusing as hecklesticks) and I kinda solved it!

Except for more parity!! YAY!!

Now, though, instead of two sides that are swapped, its just one corner twisted in an F' sort of way.


Though I would love to try out @Mike Hughey's idea, I'm worried that it won't work and it will become even more messed up.

eh what the heck i'll do it.

(also ive been calling it the rhombinx i know its stupid any other names?)


Jun 7, 2018
What I would do is do R' D' R D to twist the corner, and then turn the side to a triangle shaped corner and do R' D' R D until you solve it.