1. kristofvandam

    'Fully functional' 2x3x4 Shapeways pieces

    Hi, I recently bought the 2x3x4, I knew he would bondaged and thought: I can live with that ... Second thought: no recently read that you can order the additional internal pieces on hknowstore. I think there are other people who suffer from this problem. would it not be better that...
  2. Paradox Cubing

    Where can I find split edges for the MF8 2x3x4?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for just the split edges for the MF8 2x3x4, not with the cube, only the 3 pieces. This is what they look like: They come with the cube, does anyone know...
  3. Gallifrey

    Trading MF8 cube at Stanford Fall 2012 (next week)

    I am thinking of trading out my old main(mf8 legend) for a new one. It is an MF8 legend 3x3, which some say is a very bad cube. This one in particular though has the ability of giving me equal times to my stickerless guhong(autocorrect : DIE). If you really need more convincing, watch convinsa's...
  4. brandbest1

    MF8 Megaminx V2 Unboxing from iCubemart

    This was uploaded a week ago, so that's why I sound all sick. Here's some comments that are not in the description: So, yes, it was very stiff. I don't know what happened with the purple side, but right after I took the vid I took the whole thing apart. I don't think I saw a mod on the...
  5. S

    Just bought a dayan MF8 4x4...

    Am i doing something wrong? The 2nd and 3rd layers of the cube hardly move and are really rough. How do i fix this? Btw i am new to this forum so bare with me thanks.
  6. mdolszak

    Dayan + Mf8 4x4 for sale

    I have a (regular sized) Dayan + MF8 4x4 for sale. It is in very good condition (<10 solves), and is lubed with Lubix. It is a really nice cube. I'll sell it for $12 (plus shipping) PayPal. PM me or reply if you're interested. Thanks!
  7. cubeflip

    DaYan + Mf8 4x4s now mini! 6.0cm

    I noticed that a lot been complaining that the DaYan + Mf8 4x4s are too big for their liking. And people were speculating when the mini version would come out. Well they're out now on!
  8. ThePokeCuber21

    What's wrong with Mefferts?

    I recently went to to see what variety of puzzles they have and I noticed that about 80% of their items were out of stock. Is there something wrong with
  9. RTh

    How to reduce edge pops in Dayan+MF8 4x4

    Hi everyone, I bought some weeks ago a Dayan+MF8 4x4 and I'm having some serious trouble with edge pop-ups. Sometimes they just come out while moving the faces, or I accidentally take them out while performing an algorithm. The problem is, it pops too much. Maybe 1 pop per solve. I just...
  10. W

    Birthday Cubes 11x11 or Teraminx.

    I Don't Know Which One To Get. Condiering They Are Around The Same Price. I Don't Know. I Like The 11x11 But Is It That Much Of A Challenge If You Can Sub 6 the 7x7. And I Can't Do A Gigaminx So Should I Get THe Teraminx? What Do You Guys Think?
  11. B

    MF8 Megaminx Tiles?

    hi guys, i was wondering, does anybody have MF8 megaminx tiles that they dont want? ill be willing to pay 1-2 dollars if u have every single tile. or ill pay for a single white edge tile.
  12. D

    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Edit: Please find the latest suggestions in this thread here. Ok, so I am really sick of people asking what kind of cubes should they get. It seems that I have started the "The XXX Thread" wave at this forum, although some of the threads are pretty useful, the invarible title really annoys me...