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MF8 Megaminx V2 Unboxing from iCubemart


Feb 25, 2011
The one and only New York City
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This was uploaded a week ago, so that's why I sound all sick.

Here's some comments that are not in the description:
So, yes, it was very stiff. I don't know what happened with the purple side, but right after I took the vid I took the whole thing apart. I don't think I saw a mod on the pieces, even thought he website said there was a mod on the corner pieces (let me know if i'm wrong). I tensioned it and lubed it with lubix, maru, and jigaloo. Now, it is awesome. I got a pb single and average with it and it helped me get into megaminx. The problem is, it can pop. I think I have to mod it more. (and yes, my voice is better now.)
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