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Trading MF8 cube at Stanford Fall 2012 (next week)


Sep 8, 2011
Cupertino, California
I am thinking of trading out my old main(mf8 legend) for a new one. It is an MF8 legend 3x3, which some say is a very bad cube. This one in particular though has the ability of giving me equal times to my stickerless guhong(autocorrect : DIE). If you really need more convincing, watch convinsa's review. I am mainly looking for newer alpha or dayan cubes. If you are willing to give an extremely outrageous amount of money($20+), that would be fine too.

I am mainly looking for:
Alpha V
Alpha/HaiYan memory
Dayan LunHui (stickered)
Dayan Guhong V2 (stickered)
Dayan Zhanchi (stickered)
Anything lubix
camcuber zhanchi?
100000000000 BUCKS
a ferret :tu
(oh so you somehow got hold of a prototype dayan 6? :eek: GIMME!)

If you have something else you would be willing/want to trade with me, contact me via pm.
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