1. shadowslice e

    One-Answer Puzzle Theory Question Thread

    So I just thought it might be useful to have a one question answer thread instead of having a new thread everytime someone want to ask a simple question. Anyway, my question is: where can I find a copy of the pruning tables? Thanks :) SSE
  2. S

    Spinpossible - a mindbending 3x3 puzzle game - free for iOS/Android/Web

    A few friends and I are working on a free puzzle game called Spinpossible ( The Rubik's cube was one of our inspirations for the design so we're really excited to hear what cubers think of the game. The puzzles are simple but can be mindbendingly difficult. You play...
  3. Gerra

    Help on programming different average calculations (©TapStack Pro).

    Hi there, I need help on calculating different type of averages (I have guess how to work it out, but I want to be sure about it). Assuming I have a session with 200 or more times: Current average of 5/12/50/100 (What times to exclude, if any) Rolling average of 5/12/50/100 Best average of...
  4. S

    "Pi is wrong" - the Tau Manifesto

    This may be old, but I couldn't find any posts about it (and for me, speedsolving is just as good an outlet for mathematics haha). Read: or for pdf version: I have to say, as a physics and mathematics major, I've always had an...