1. PetrusQuber

    Petrus is like, so dead now.

    I use Petrus, and I have noticed nobody is really using it anymore. I, along with a couple of other people, am like the solitary Petrus user on this forum which is still active. The majority of users seem to be CFOP, Roux, or ZZ :(. So there isn't much discussion on how to improve on specific...
  2. CriticalCubing

    How to Solve the Rubik's Cube using Petrus method

    Hello Guys, I searched this forum and I could not find a thread for learning Petrus, so I thought why not make one? So here is the tutorial on Petrus. I hope you like it and give me your feedback on it :) Thanks in Advance I hope you like it and tell me where I can improve ? People say this...
  3. C

    Petrus method last layer

    I´ve seeen around the internet many people solving the last layer of Petrus method diferently(some use MGLS, some use OLL/PLL, i use the 5+6 index,some use the other indexes,some use other ways) so I want to know how do you solve and why did you chose that solution?

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