1. PetrusQuber

    A Comprehensive Guide to Petrus

    I think it's been coming for a while. As of right now, there have not really been many guides to Petrus, even fewer written ones, and even fewer modern ones. For reference, I average low 13s with Petrus as my main method, in case anybody would question my speed. Petrus is not a popular method...
  2. PetrusQuber

    My Quest for Sub 8 Petrus [PB SINGLE!]

    Yes. I want to see how far Petrus can go in speedsolving, compared to other (way) more explored methods such as CFOP, Roux and ZZ. It’ll probably be way harder than just switching to one of the previously mentioned methods, due to the lack of resources and development, but still doable. I...
  3. PetrusQuber

    Petrus is like, so dead now.

    I use Petrus, and I have noticed nobody is really using it anymore. I, along with a couple of other people, am like the solitary Petrus user on this forum which is still active. The majority of users seem to be CFOP, Roux, or ZZ :(. So there isn't much discussion on how to improve on specific...
  4. CriticalCubing

    How to Solve the Rubik's Cube using Petrus method

    Hello Guys, I searched this forum and I could not find a thread for learning Petrus, so I thought why not make one? So here is the tutorial on Petrus. I hope you like it and give me your feedback on it :) Thanks in Advance I hope you like it and tell me where I can improve ? People say this...
  5. C

    Petrus method last layer

    I´ve seeen around the internet many people solving the last layer of Petrus method diferently(some use MGLS, some use OLL/PLL, i use the 5+6 index,some use the other indexes,some use other ways) so I want to know how do you solve and why did you chose that solution?