1. P

    Can kociemba or other method solve the Rubik in 5 faces turn only?

    Hi, I am ask for help. I am a beginner of Rubik, I hope to write a python program for the following robot. I try to use kociemba method directly, but the machine can only turn 5 faces, it can not turn upper face(U U' U2). Is it possible to modify the kociemba method or possible to replace each...
  2. ruwix

    New online Rubik's Cube solver

    I made an online cube solver, using the Kociemba algorithm which can find the solution in 20 steps. The problem is that sometimes it takes too much time to find the solution so I programmed it to switch to 24 steps if it doesn't return anything below a threshold. This way it always finds a...
  3. shadowslice e

    One-Answer Puzzle Theory Question Thread

    So I just thought it might be useful to have a one question answer thread instead of having a new thread everytime someone want to ask a simple question. Anyway, my question is: where can I find a copy of the pruning tables? Thanks :) SSE
  4. D

    Human Kociemba method

    Hi, I am quite new to this forum and do not post very often. I am looking for some piece of information about a "human kociemba" method. I found no track of such a topic on the forum, so I ask the question. Sorry if the question was already answered (resulting in some noise on the forum)...
  5. K

    Kociemba explained verbally?

    Hi Guys, I'm currently writing a paper on the maths of the cube for 'lay' people' who don't have a high level of maths knowledge. One of the things I wanted to do was explain how cube solvers work , so I wondered if anyone could explain using words only (I'll let you have a couple of formulas...
  6. R

    New method (square-1 for 3x3?)

    Hi. I discovered-invented this method in 2011, then yesterday (1/20/13) i discovered than there is an super look-alike method called: ZAGOREC METHOD. I call my method "square-1 for 3x3" or "human kociemba" (but kociemba requires 20 moves, and this method LOT more) Ok. My method is: 1)...
  7. G

    Clarification Needed for Kociemba's Turn Analysis on Corner Orientation

    hey everyone, I am new here. so yesterday i was trying to understand kociemba's algorithm and got stuck at this point: [/url] image hosting[/IMG] my question is on the image posted above.....please help.......here is a link to the page source: http://kociemba.org/math/cubielevel.htm...
  8. Herbert Kociemba

    Cube Explorer 5.00 released - with slice moves

    For the implementation of slice moves into Cube Explorer I had to work on many parts of the source code, so it justifies the jump from 4.64 to 5.00. I use the not very logical but usual identifiers E, M S and x,y,z for the moves of the slices and the cube rotations. Here for example the output...