1. D

    [Member Intro] Hello Im A New Cuber UwU

    Hello Everybody I’m A New Cuber And A New Person Just Learning Some Patterns Y’know That Was My Introduction See ya Later Bay UwU
  2. C

    [Member Intro] Charoeth Introduction

    Im Charoeth, and I'm from the USA. Many people on this server are very fast at solving the cube but right now my average is around 4 minutes. I want to learn the CFOP method but so far I'm not having a lot of luck. If anyone could suggest an easier method or message me tips to learning that...

    [Member Intro] Hello everybody!

    I'm here because I just like to cube (Or any other geometric 3 dimensional shape that I can figure out). I also have been wanting to join this forum for a while and just thought why not now? So I'm here now just in case I have questions or any other reason. Have a good day everybody!
  4. M

    [Member Intro] Hi guys!

    I am picking up cubing again after a 7 year hiatus. Before I stopped, I have learned all OLLs and PLLs and my average was about 18 I think. Currently, my average is around 21 and am slowly getting back my old average. Here in the Philippines, cubing stuff are hard to come by. Though, online...
  5. J

    [Member Intro] A New Cuber Appears!

    Hey there! I'm JWinslow23. I guess I have to tell you all about me now :p I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube with LBL a few years ago, don't remember exactly how long (and got recently dragged back into the cubing world by my girlfriend :D ). My go-to 3x3 method is CFOP, though I'm...
  6. deKassu

    [Member Intro] Old time cuber, new time forum user.

    Hello, my name is Kassu, i have been cubing for around 4 years now (since 4th grade) and while i have been interested in the forums, i haven't had the motivation/need to make an account, but now i have! Mainly for asking for help, looking for inspiration, admiring the community's creations...
  7. Baron1213

    [Member Intro] Hello Cubers

    Hi. My name is Bhavya a.k.a Baron. I am a guy. I am in 9th grade. I reside in India. I developed an interest in cubing 2 years back, but only learnt it a couple of months back. Now I average around 1:10 and my best time is 50 secs, using the Rubik's Brand I can also solve the 2x2x2 cube, for...
  8. ppugliesi

    [Member Intro] Hello

    Hello, cubing community. I have created the account at a few days ago, but I had been using it (without an account, of course) for... six months? anyway, I just thought it would be nice to participate. So, this is supposed to be a member introduction. I am one of the scarce...
  9. Cory

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys, my name is Cory (amazed that this username wasn't taken yet :) ) and I live in Australia. I've only been cubing for about one month and a half now, and I average around 33 seconds with a PB of 25.34 on a 3x3 (really bad, I know). I started off with a Rubiks cube that I could barely...
  10. PixelWizard

    Swiss Cuber on board :)

    Hey together :) I'm Toby from Switzerland. I'm since about 1 Month a member of this forum and I love to cube! I cube since March '14 and here are my current records: Puzzle (Method): Single / Ao5 / Ao12 / Ao100 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2x2 (Ortega)...
  11. G

    New member to the forum; not so new to cubes!

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on here so not really sure how things are run. Just wanted to introduce myself on here and let you guys know my personal background to the cubes and how I got involved, my times e.t.c. I first learnt the 3x3 after seeing my friend do it. It took my a total...
  12. HugaCuba

    [Member Intro] HugaCuba

    Hey, since this introduction was completely out of date, this is my attempt to start all new. My personal bests can be found here: GoogleDocs PB Sheet On the Youtube Channel "HugaCuba" you can find my (mostly german) uploads with tutorials, unboxings, solves, reviews and more - including some...
  13. M

    Hey all!

    Hi everyone, Been solid with the beginner’s method for a while, but decided to pull the trigger on a new cube (DaYan ZanChi) and get into speed cubing about a week and a half ago. So far, my time is measured in days. ;) Actually, the last time I checked it was just under 2 ½ minutes, sadly...
  14. FallenCuber

    New Member!

    Hey everybody! I'm a 14 year old from America that just recently got into speed cubing! I picked it up one night due to the fact that I had gotten in trouble, and had all of my things (computer, cell phone, xbox) taken away. I looked out of the corner of my and saw an old Rubiks Cube from the...
  15. zyxantjcae654

    My Boring Life

    Call Me: JC; Age: 20; Citizenship: Filipino; First Seen RC: 2007, when I was 2nd year in high school; First Method: made-up method for 5 min.; Current Method: Fridrich method with a twist, best time of 19 sec.; First RC 3x3x3: Pillow-type Vcube; Other Puzzles: I currently owned pillow-type Vcube...
  16. matejm1994

    Hello everybody! :)

    Hi! I am Matej, from Slovenia (You know, small country in Europe). First time, I solved the cube was in 2010. It was an old cube (I think Rubik's brand) from my grandma, it didn't spin well and it was really, i mean really slow. But it was good, because I was just a beginner. I solved that...
  17. C

    Hi: An intro + questions

    Hello, everyone! First, I'd like to address the question you are most likely to have if you look at my username. Yes, I'm a female cuber. Okay, moving on :) I've actually been cubing since December 2013, but just stumbled upon the "Welcome to" message, so I decided to...
  18. skycube


    Hi everyone! I have been a cuber for almost 8 months now. I mostly solve my 3x3. But I can solve 2x2, 4x4, and a 5x5. I also like to solve my axel cube. It's one of my fav's. I wan to start a collection of twisty puzzles. Right now, my collection is still small, but growing! My average on a...
  19. M

    Another Noobie in town

    Hi, I've been speed cubing on 3x3 for about 7 months using the beginner method. I can solve 2x2 through 7x7, as well as some other random cube puzzles. On 3x3 I average about 36 seconds with a 27s pb, as you can see I'm inconsistent. I have officially started Fridrich training F2L and average...
  20. B

    Hi Everyone, new Cuber from Berlin, Germany

    Hi everyone, I'm Bennet Wichmann from Berlin and 12 years old. I have been cubing for 2 years, and finally joined this forum. My 3x3 average is about 14 seconds and I use a Lubix Zhanchi. 2x2: Dayan Zhanchi average 3.5 sec 4x4: Shengshou v4 average 1:08 all the other puzzles: have...