1. GAN 356 X

    3x3 My review of the Gan 356 X: Is it worth the money?

    Gan is well known for its top of the line cubes that are endorsed by top cubers including Feliks Zemdegs, Max Park, and many others. As of today, they are renowned for their for their unique and groundbreaking innovations, such as their GES nut and GMS systems. Their most recent cube, the Gan...
  2. joker0918

    Gocube Edge

    Excellent condition Gocube Edge and stand, only used it a few times. Only just released and hard to come by. $86 with shipping, US ONLY no trade
  3. Graticube

    GAN249 v2 M Stickerless with black internals

    Hi guys just want to share my GAN249 v2 M stickerless since I haven't seen someone else do it. It has black internals to match GAN's current 3x3 and 4x4 lineup. Since switching to stickerless puzzles from black stickered, I have been very particular with the shades of the puzzles and have found...

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