finger tricks

  1. Human Cuber

    5 Advanced Finger Tricks// You Should Know

    Hey guys, Human Cuber here. This is one of my old Vid, about the 5 easy fingertricks that will probably improve your solve on 3x3! Is just all of my self experience, Kindly Check It Out if you feel free to. Pls COMMENT if you have any better tips on FT, Appreciate
  2. brododragon

    New Easy-to-Understand Fingertrick Notation!

    I'm gonna make this as short as possible, because I don't like reading or writing long things. Now that that's out of the way, I can share my idea with you. There are four parts to this system: Regrips, Moves, and Hand Motions, Rotations Regrips: To signal a regrip, you start with R or L for...
  3. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 10.93 Avg5 & Slow-Motion LSE Finger-Trick Examples

    eyyyyy, weird camera angle... yeah, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the average: slo-mo stuff:
  4. EbonicsPhonics

    How do top speed cubers move their fingers so quickly?

    While on YouTube the other day I watched clips of Feliks Zemdegs and other insanely good speed cubers. And what I want to know is, how do their fingers move at such and ungodly pace? Is it all just the product of butt tons of practice? Do they have specific finger workouts? or were they just...
  5. MaikeruKonare

    Fingertrick Codenames

    These codenames are used in algorithms in many places, and I don't know what they mean and a lot of people I ask don't know either. I couldn't find any answers on the site or internet so I thought I would post this so we could compile known codenames. So far I know: Sexy- U R U' R' Then of...
  6. Windsor

    In what order should I learn things in?

    I'm new to cubing having started learning the LBL method about three to four weeks ago. Using just the LBL method and no finger tricks i can get about a 57 second average. My question was in what order should I learn things. I want to eventully learn full CFOP with and intuitive F2L, but what...
  7. J

    Help on Fingertricks

    Does anyone know any good Youtube or maybe even written tutorials to improve the speed and smoothness of fingertricks? Should I practice by repetitively doing maybe like 200 turns with my index and ring fingers everyday (sounds excessive) to warm up? Give me your thoughts. ;) I just want to get...
  8. C

    [Help Thread] Finger Tricks Discussion and Help

    Guides How to guide: clicky Exercises and tips: clicky Les Finger Tricks (French): clicky Videos
  9. DANrulz81

    [Help Thread] 3x3 Cross Help and Discussion

    macky's website has everything. Seriously. Here is cross. YouTube Videos badmephistofazrulz1camcubercyoubxcrazybadcubermonkeydude1313HowtoCubeRobH0629TheAnonymousWisdom Original post: Can u help me with the Cross? I got time between 12 & 20 seconds. My Problem is, that I don't "see" the...
  10. D

    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    I have not been practicing Fridrich F2L more than a few weeks. I wrote these personal notes for helping myself out getting better. if you have any thoughts feel free to post them. my biggest problem is to spot the two pieces (looking ahead). putting them together is really intuitiv when you...