1. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 2x2 Help and a New PB!

    Hey all!!! I've been speedcubing on the 2x2 for about a month, and yesterday I got 8.55 seconds, using the layer by layer method, with OLL and PLL. I was just wondering if anybody has any tips for me to get a little bit quicker. Thanks!!! Find my 8.55 PB video here...
  2. Radu

    Help our community win 1.000 EUR with just a “LIKE”! + [INTERVIEW]

    Hi all, This is not a scam or a get-rich-fast topic! Long story short. I’m the Romanian WCA Delegate for those who do not know me. I gave an interview about speedcubing in a local contest. There are 4 interviews on topic "SPEED": rally, flights, speedcubing, speedreading. 1st place will...
  3. Johnny

    [Review] Rubik's Speed Cube

    This thread is for reviews of the Rubik's Speedcube. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: Where the puzzle was purchased: When the puzzle was purchased: Thoughts on the...
  4. Noahaha

    BLD Support Group (Facebook)

    Hey everyone! Riley and I started a group for people to discuss BLD. It's meant to be a place where people can ask questions and give advice to others. You get points for helping people out. I think we'll have a lot of fun in it. So if you have a facebook profile, and you're interested in...
  5. K

    Facebook group for Cubers!

    Iv'e noticed that the cubing community should be more connected so Iv'e made a facebook group! http://www.facebook.com/groups/386353914801999/ come join and post about any new cubes you have or your avg time or create any discussions! Oh and post pics of your collection!
  6. G

    Facebook cubing group!!

    Hey guys, i made a facebook group for cubers of the USA! (you dont have to be in the USA, just speak english please ;) ) and i was looking for new members. this group is open to anyone, no matter how good you are at speedsolving! *removed* TO ALL ADMINISTRATORS, THIS IS NOT A FACEBOOK FISHING...
  7. cubersmith

    Cuber friends?

    I have no friends that are cubers. They all think its cool but none of them want to try it. :fp I really need someone to chat with about cubing. Any cubers are welcome to sending me a message if they would like to get in touch via facebook or msn.
  8. Michiel van der Blonk


    Trying out Zynga's CityVille. I prefer cubers in facebook, so if you play CityVille add me: http://www.facebook.com/vanderblonk
  9. Dollface

    When Couples Break Up, According To Facebook Data. Alternatively, He/She Was Way Out

    “I don't know about you, but I've never been broken up with. Shot and left for dead, sure, but never broken up with. The few times it almost happened I tricked the girl/dino into giving it another shot, and then broke up with her the next day. Haha, works like a charm! Well, at least until they...
  10. J

    New Rubik's Club

    :) hey there people, I'm Jonathan, and i'm still a novice in this awesome hobby (cubing) so I decided to create a facebook group for my country and college... so people, i would love to know if you can support me cuz just a few people (including me) in my country does know how to solve the...