1. A

    Are pillowed cubes the future of speedcubing ?

    Hello everyone ! First of all, my apologies for my broken english, that is my second language, thanks for your comprehension. For a while, well, since pillowed cubes are allowed, I've been thinking about it. With a pillow cube, you can see more pieces than without, if you look straight at it...
  2. Aysha

    Qiyi X-Man Design 3x3 Tornado

    The new Qiyi 3x3 was just released on More images can be found here: A video was also released on Youtube a week ago:
  3. W

    Rubic cube eyes design

    Hi guys! I wanted to share my design for a Rubik's cube :) Some years ago I used my Rubik's cube as a part of my school project. After that, the color squares were damaged, so i decided to fix my Rubik's cube. I drew 14 eyes (wanted to draw 54, but didn't have time for this), and added colors in...
  4. CriticalCubing

    Speedcubers United | Speedcubing shirt

    Hello Guys, This is my latest shirt design. The quote goes like this "A great cube dosen't make a great cuber, A great cuber makes cubes work great" You can buy it here: Speedcubers United This shirt will be avilable for buying until the end of October 2015. You have different colors and...
  5. S

    Puzzle Designer

    Hey, I'm still new to the forums so please excuse my mistakes. For a few months now I have been sketching and designing 3x3 design. I never thought my designs were really any good until recently I have been seeing puzzles with a lot of features I thought of. For example on the Yuxin 3x3 there...
  6. R

    New puzzle

    Hello everybody, I am a 17 year old secundaryschool student from the Netherlands. For a schoolproject for my research- and designclasses my group and I have Oskar van Deventer as our client. He gave us the objection to do something new with a cube (this is anything we want for instance a...
  7. A

    Glyphcube - scratching paint off a cheap cube to make loads of symbols on it

    This is a post with some pictures (and way too much explanation) about a cube I modded, and lost. :)