curvy copter

  1. Wish Lin

    Curvy copter 2-look L4C algorithms(move optimal!)

    There are a lot of curvy copter discussions in the past couple weeks, so I figured to do this: Here is an old thread talking about basically the same thing: In the thread, OP called the algs OLL/PLL algs but that's...
  2. GAN 356 X

    (New) What cubes should be added to the WCA events list?

    Since I forgot to add so many things, I decided to make a new one.
  3. stewSquared

    Curvy Copter shape: Is it possible to jumble a single corner and center like so?

    I can definitely solve a jumbled curvy copter as long as it's in a cubic shape. I had formerly believed I could solve any jumbling, until I let someone else scramble it. They managed to jumble it in such a way that there was an odd number of flipped corner-center pairs. It looked like they were...
  4. Deweyspunkis

    [Help Thread] Curvy Copter Discussion

    I got it in the mail today and I scrambled it. I got it back into a cube but I have no clue on how to solve this and there are no tutorials ANYWHERE! Any help will be appreciated :)