1. teboecubes

    3 Tips For Getting Faster At The CROSS (feat. EFFORTLESS CUBER)

  2. C

    Cube Explorer Cross Scrambles

    Hello. I was wondering how you could use cube explorer create scrambles where the cross was solved or solve from cross. If I just put all of the cross edge pieces solved I get too many solutions that have more than the cross solved because the software interprets any possible orientation of the...
  3. Nir1213

    Nir1213's Quest to Sub-20 with CFOP!

    This is a thread where i practice and learn cases and algs to get to sub 40. Right now i learned intuitive f2l but i also need help and tips with it. so now i have this problem where i see that before i learned intuitive f2l i had a 40 second average on f2l, so i went to learn intuitve f2l to...
  4. H.E's a cuber

    How to plan cross in inspection

    I know i searched this a lot when i was starting, and I think people still search this today, so I made a video on it. What do you all think?
  5. H.E's a cuber

    Sub-2 cross tips and example solves!

    Here are my top tips for a faster cross in general Example cross solves too Please consider subscribing. Thanks!
  6. emps

    Cross to F2L transition tips?

    I average around 26 seconds. My cross takes around 6 seconds, f2l takes around 10, oll takes 3.5 and pll takes 3.5. That all adds up to around 23 seconds. Thing is, I have an akward pause in between cross and f2l. I'll do cross, look around for 2-4 seconds for 1st pair then my solves flow pretty...
  7. RadioactivCuber

    How do you memorise the cross in Fidrich or the EOLine in ZZ Method?

    I don't understand how cubers memorise the EOLine in ZZ Method while inspection........ do they translate their moves into algorithms and apply it when solving. Please teach me how to memorise the EOline/CRoss and give me tips if possible
  8. SpeedCubeReview

    Fixing a messed up cross

    Every couple hundred solves I completely mess up the cross by usually not aligning the edges with the centers. I would always get angry and give up on the solve. Of course I should just get better at watching for that, but I didn't realize until now that I could just flip the cube over and do...
  9. A

    Hello, I'm new! Need some real help please.

    I need some general help with solving. My cross takes about 5-6 seconds on average, my f2l takes about 17 on average and same goes with my last layer. Im looking to get sub 20 averages and need some help to boost me to that and just any tips. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  10. jskyler91

    Cross Choice: How I Choose (For Current or Aspiring Color Neutral Solvers)

    The title says it all. Many people have asked me this question and so I figured I would make my answer into a video:
  11. jskyler91

    More W/Y Example Solves

    Hope this helps people. I do go off screen a few times, especially on the first solve, but I go back and reexplain so hold on for the whole vid and 98% of what I do should be explained. I will make more with a better angle, but I wanted to make sure you could see the scrambles.
  12. jskyler91

    Example Solves Using White and Yellow

    Hey guys long time no talk. So as you guessed I am back for a while, but I am definitely out of the debate realm. My only goal here is to provide feedback and help cubers to get faster. If you don't like me or what I say then feel free to say so but I won't respond. Now onto the cubing stuff. So...
  13. jskyler91

    [video] "Advanced" Fingertricks (Cross, F2L, OLL/PLL)

    Hello'ers, After receiving many requests about the random fingertricks I do I decided to make a video on all of the universally useful ones. Let me know what you guys think. I didn't do any move cancelations stuff such as WV or VH or COLL/ OLLCP seeing as how those are more...
  14. B

    Is it good to do cross on the left?

    I don't know why but i always do the cross on my left side is it good ? or should i practice cross on bottom ? please help :)
  15. jskyler91

    Looking for Some Hard Color Neutral Crosses

    Hey guys and gals, So I have comp coming up on the 28th and I am looking to practice crosses hardcore until then. I saw the hard, funny and weird crosses thread, but most of those crosses are only really hard for white which doesn't really help me practice finding my cross quickly. So what I am...
  16. rubikmaster

    Color Neutrality

    Which do you think is the best: White cross,White and Yellow Cross or Color Neutral?
  17. R

    how would u do the cross?

    Alright so i know my cross is horrible, im asking to everyone who would like to post the reconstruction on how would u do the cross, thanks for reading and here is the video:
  18. Aaronus23

    What should i work on first?

    sorry if this thread was alredy posted, but i didint find anything on the search function: Well you see, i've been cubing for a While and a currently have a 39 Ao12....2 look OLL(and about 12 other OLLs), FULL PLL I am currently trying to break the sub 30 barrior... I took times (Ao5) of...
  19. A

    cross + correct corner already..?

    if you've made the first cross already and you happen to already have one corner (or more) in the right spot would it be more efficient to just leave it and solve with the second layer beginner's method after all the other f2l sides are solved, or just move it out and solve the whole second...
  20. cubersmith

    Color nutrality

    I am wondering if there are are any advantages of being not color nutral, i struggle to remember what color i solved the cross on when i am doing f2l. If it was the same color I wouldn't have that problem. Should i stop being color nutral? Please help