1. BenChristman1

    Race to Sub-X on a 2x2 (2019-49)

    If you have done the forum competition (Race to sub-X on 3x3) that @Ciparo does every week, you would like this one, too! If you have not done that competition, I suggest you check it out! How this works is: I will provide 12 scrambles every Saturday (starting on week 2019-46). You will time...
  2. CJCubing

    Pangasinan Speedcubing Open 3 2019

    Upcoming Competition in the Philippines. Competition on May 19th, 2019, from 10AM - 7PM. Any cubers in close proximity to venue and are interested, please check and register at -Image taken from the Philippine Cubers...
  3. emilia84

    Packing for Competitions

    I have a compeition coming up soon (Georgia State Championships), but I am not sure how I should pack my cubes and cubing equipment. What kind of bag or backpack do you guys use to pack your cubes and where can I buy them? I know a lot of people use camera bags, but I am not sure which one...
  4. ZNCuber

    Rubik's Cube World Records Video [August 2015]

    Hey guys check out my video of all the WCA current world records singles! Note: 3x3 fewest moves is not included, 4x4 and skewb singles are the older record footage and the 3x3 blindfoleded single is the 2nd ranked world record due to copyright issues. But other than that just sit back and enjoy...
  5. M

    Hong Kong competitions?

    In Hong Kong there are not many competitions, there was one in february but after that there are no more, if there are any non-wca competitions hosted in Hong Kong or you plan to host one in Hong Kong please inform me here please
  6. A

    Magic Madness Competition

  7. christmasx2

    Connecticut Competitions?

    Has anyone heard of any competitions coming up in Connecticut? I know there is nothing posted on WCA or Cubing USA, but just wondering if anyone out there is planning anything or has heard about any plans? Yale? Captain's Cove? Thanks
  8. jblake17

    Singapore Competitions

    Hello everyone. I realize that there will be a competition held in Singapore on 23rd February and I was planning on going but had to withdraw. Singapore only seems to have one competition each year and I just thought that it would be great if it could become more regular. Is anyone else...
  9. blackzabbathfan

    Lost and Found

    I haven't seen a forum like this before so I thought I'd make one. If anyone has found cubes that are not their's after a competition and you want to find the owner, you can tell people here. Or if anyone has lost cubes after a competition, you can post what they are here and see if you can find...
  10. brandbest1

    Yale Spring 2012 *gasp* It's on a Sunday!
  11. SoLarisAU

    Melbourne Big Cubes Open 2012

    Next Comp is going to be in six weeks from now. the event are as follows: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and finally 7x7. To answer some questions yes no 2x2 because this is a comp for big cubes. Two there are only going to be 2 rounds of 3x3 ie: firsts round then a final. Three please email me...
  12. prasadmanjulago

    First Competition In Sri lanka need help!!!!!!!!!!

    we are willing to held a championship in sri lanka.(the first ever competition).we want to upload results to rubik,s official result page.if someone come here to approve results how cost that?i mean including air tickets hotel costs etc.pls give me a full detail about that.we are willing to held...
  13. P

    Online Flat Rubik puzzle competition

    There is a collection of two-dimensional Flat Rubik online puzzles at There are eight puzzles from beginner to grandmaster level. One of them is a 2 dimensional equivalent of the Rubik Cube...
  14. cubersmith

    UK Competitions

    Does any1 know of any UK comps planned for 2011, or for that matter, any in europe?
  15. convinsa

    Speedcubing in Houston, Texas

    so i live around the Houston area. and go to college in the Prairie view area. close to houston. i have been wanting to have cube meetings near where i live. it sure would be nice to see other cubers!
  16. E

    Where do you stop being a beginner and become a speedcuber?

    ironically, not definite which section this should go in (speedcubing or beginners section), but any thoughts? I wouldve said sub 1-min but any other ideas? P.S please let me know if this should go anywhere else.

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