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Having staggered way of conducting WCA Competitions until the pandemic ends completely


Jan 9, 2014
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Till now throughout the period 2003-2020, 6622 competitions have been conducted where a group of registered speedcubers and first-timers gather at one place, and compete according to the schedule while complying the WCA Regulations.

Post the pandemic, 30+ competitions have been held in a few countries where the social gathering guidelines have been eased off by the local government. But for big nations, official WCA competitions cannot be conducted anytime in the foreseeable future.

A possible idea is to see if staggered WCA competition approach might work. Group of 5 competitors called in periods of say 1 hour to solve, in the presence of WCA delegate and 1-2 solving stations. The competition may span a few days and only have a few events which is unconventional till now (3 day competitions until now had all the 17 events, and 1 day competition had 5-10 events).

Few issues that might arise preventing this from being implemented are:

  1. This approach will definitely take a lot load on the WCA delegate as it will consume a lot of their time.
  2. The organisers will not be able to hold a spectator friendly finals or prize distribution, and their time will be spent in managing social distancing and staggered arrival and departure of competitors.
  3. Generating and maintaining new sets of scrambles will also be thing to consider as it will be a cumbersome process for having set generated for <5 competitors. Submitting the comp results might take time.
  4. Maintaining staggered arrival and departure of participants might take a toll on the organisers.
More discussion about this topic here: https://forum.worldcubeassociation....ions-until-the-pandemic-ends-completely/10761