1. R

    Selling 356X, Moyu Aofu Gts m 7x7 and Qiyi/X-man Spark M 7x7

    Good condition for all of the puzzles, they are all stickerless and include original box and accessories (Including GES nuts + Magnets ect). Puzzles are decently lubed, tentioned and broken in From Australia Prices are negotiable, but right now they are around 69 AUD - GAN X (Numerical 50 AUD -...
  2. A

    Selling entire collection! All types of cubes available

    Hey! I am trying to sell my entire cubing collection to the right person. I will sell them in bulk or one at a time. The cubes that I have available are as follows, along with their price in USD: Rubik's Brand 3x3 Stickerless - 5 Unproportional 3x3x7 - 12 Windmill Cube - 8 Pyraminx(Missing...
  3. S


    gts3 m lubed with lubicle black and angstrom for only 25 USD Wuque m mini setup with angstrom for only 20 Selling compound v for 7 dollars Instagram: @nicecubestore
  4. Anubis

    Selling my cube collection

    Have not cubed in awhile. Saying goodbye. I really want to sell all these at once as it it is not worth my time to sell them separately. If you need photos send me a message and i gladly will. Currently there is no photo on this post but one is coming. If you don't want all the cubes we can...
  5. M

    [Member Intro] Hi guys!

    I am picking up cubing again after a 7 year hiatus. Before I stopped, I have learned all OLLs and PLLs and my average was about 18 I think. Currently, my average is around 21 and am slowly getting back my old average. Here in the Philippines, cubing stuff are hard to come by. Though, online...
  6. Tanzer

    Selling good stuff (5, 6, timer) -GREAT DEAL-

    IF POST IS STILL UP I'M STILL SELLING - PM ME Hey guys - I'm selling a lot of good stuff, for very low prices (in my opinion) SHIPPING ONLY WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. Note: If you buy more than one thing, or all, the price goes even lower. Everything is in fantastic condition, and I will...
  7. L

    Singapore Cubes for sale

    Singapore cubers, I have cubes for sale, and I believe it is the cheapest price avaliable locally Weilong Black: Qty 1 Price 12 sgd Aolong Black: Qty 3 Price 13 sgd Cyclone Boys 55mm Qty 3 Price 5 SGD
  8. ScottTheCuber

    Hi I'm an aspiring puzzle maker

    Hi im Scott, and im interested in creating and modifying cubes to become cooler and better Know would you guys buy cubes like these 2x3x3 10$+shipping Corner Bandaged 5x5 12$+shipping 2x4x4 15$ 3x5x5 20$ 4x6x6 30$ 5x7x7 45$ ETC. Please tell me what you think these cubes will be fairly cheap!:tu
  9. SnipeCube

    Brand New V-Cube 7s For $35

    Hey guys, Head on over to and sign up, get a 30% coupon. Barnes and noble now sells the Vcube 7 for $50, My mom is a teacher so she gets an extra 20%, If you have the 30% than it will be $35, and if you have An education discount and the 30% it makes...
  10. benskoning

    [Help Thread] Cuboid Discussion

    I made this for general discussion about Cuboids. NOTE: for people who do not know what one is it is a puzzle with a irregular amount of layers. EXAMPLE: 1x2x3 or a 2x2x4.
  11. cubedude7

    NEW V-Cube 6 for Sale

    Hi Everyone, I won this cube a few weeks ago at Twente Open 2012, but since I already have one, I decided to sell it. Here's a picture: As you can see it comes in the old box. It also comes with the little pamflet. The bid starts at 20 euros (about 26$) excl. shipping...
  12. MovingOnUp

    Is real/trusted?

    I was looking to buy a master magic and found this: My first question is, Do you think it would be safe to buy this? It seems to cheap to be able to not be a scam. Everywhere else they are like 10$...
  13. collinbxyz

    Video Camera?

    What do you guys suggest as a nice, fairly cheap, video camera that is good for cubing videos? I want an idea before Christmas, so any suggestion is appreciated. Thx!
  14. M

    V Cube coupon codes for Sara's Toy Store SAVE BIG FREE SHIP!

    Hello Everyone, I noticed today that Sara's toy store has coupon codes for v cubes 5, 6, 7. I just want everyone to know that these coupon codes work for big savings with free shipping! If you are looking to buy a v cube here is your CHANCE! Check it out: Do these steps: First Coupon 10%...
  15. izovire

    Buy 2 F-II's get 1 FREE!

    Attention cubers! Puzzle Addictions has a special deal this week for ShengEn F-II's... buy 2 and get 3rd free! This offer ends midnight Oct. 31st... click the link here: Thank you!
  16. D

    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Edit: Please find the latest suggestions in this thread here. Ok, so I am really sick of people asking what kind of cubes should they get. It seems that I have started the "The XXX Thread" wave at this forum, although some of the threads are pretty useful, the invarible title really annoys me...