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  • You really need to Delete your inbox, I couldn't contact you there so decided to post here =S.

    Hey man, I'm really starting to wonder what happened to my ZhanChi order? Is there any way you can check on the delivery status? Because I believe you sent it four weeks ago now?

    It wouldn't be possible that you sent it to the wrong address would it? Cause four weeks seems like a huge amount of time for a parcel to ship from America, I don't believe I've ever had something take this long.

    I don't mean to sound impatient, I just don't understand how it's taken so long?

    Did you get around to making a GG for me yet? Sorry for asking here, but your inbox is full.

    Kind regards,

    Hey Bradley, what do you use to lube the cubes in your store?
    I was thinking about buying LunHui and GuHong.
    Hey Bradley, you messged me a while back about 7x7 spare pieces and I never really got back to you, I was wondering if the offer was still available. I tried PMing you but your inbox is full. lol
    I bought a spare V Cube part from your store, and I was wondering if you got my order and the email following right after it? I can't PM you because your inbox is full, but it's been 3 weeks, and I have gotten no replies to my emails nor a confirmation email for shipment.
    hey just so you know in one of the stickers you gave me in the package, i had enough stickers for all 5 cubes except you left out a color for 1 cube. off the top of my head i believe its white, i was able to use my white sticker to finish it up, but just letting you know the sticker set was not complete :/
    Hey, I ordered a pair of T Shirts! Ship em ASAP! I wanna wear them at the Mumbai Open. It's on the 5th and I doubt I'll be able to, but still!
    Regarding the X-Cuve 4 pre-order, is there a way to get on the list for the blue cube?

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