1. teboecubes

    Do THIS To Make Your Solves More Interesting (Challenge)

  2. teboecubes

    SOLVING 1,000+ RUBIK'S CUBES (Cubing Challenges)

  3. teboecubes

    If I can’t solve these Rubik’s Cubes in 20 minutes, i get COLD WATER poured on my head!!!

  4. mrcubik

    4x4 Example Solve

    I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it because the 4x4 is possibly my favourite cube out there. It is basically like the 3x3, but with some other bits added, which makes it a fun challenge.
  5. teboecubes

    Solving a BROKEN 6x6 Core Like a 2x2!

  6. teboecubes

    I Solved All My Rubik’s Cubes! (81 Cubes)

  7. Pawel

    RotoSphere Level 4

    Finally, I am able to move along with the Rotosphere game. I know how to solve it, so I can test my programming. I've read that it took Erno Rubik about a month to solve the Rubik's cube for the first time. Well, level 4 of Rotosphere took me longer than that. Just like Rubik before me, I...
  8. teboecubes

    16:49.82 4-Man Guildford Challenge PB (ft. LK Cubing, Mr. McCubing, and TMCubing)

  9. teboecubes

    Solving a Rubik's Cube While Riding a Bike

  10. teboecubes

    Solving a 2x2 by permuting all the pieces, then corner-twisting them to orient them.

  11. teboecubes

    Solving A Rubik's Cube With 4 Fingers Challenge

  12. teboecubes

    super slow 33:50.42 guildford challenge because of bad 6x6 and 7x7 solves.

  13. teboecubes

    Can I Complete This WEIRD Cubing Challenge?

    A challenge video I made from a challenge on this forum
  14. H.E's a cuber


    Merry Christmas guys! Here I've challenged myself to see how fast I can solve a 3x3 while skipping (jump rope). Also an attempt of me trying to make entertaining cubing content, so, I would like some feedback. If you can skip, try this out too. It's fun ... And please consider subscribing so I...
  15. E

    Solving the cube in under 20 seconds.

    Hi, my name is Bastian and I am currently 15 years old. In this thread I'll be posting about me attempting to learn how to solve the Rubiks-Cube in under 20-seconds (on average). If you have any suggestions or help for me, please let me know. What I already can do...
  16. Skittleskp

    nub game for people beyond beginners method!!!

    So recently I was doing solves with beginners method to see how much I improved, in the process, I came up with a game. RULES: 1. Cross, Corners, Seccond Layer Edges, Yellow Cross, Yellow Face, Corners Only PLL, Edges Only PLL. 2. Only algs allowed are: (R U R' U') edge insertion...
  17. Oricuber

    How well do you know the WRs?

    Here's an interesting challenge: Without looking them up, write the WR single and the WR average for each WCA event. For events where average doesn't apply, just write the single. For MBLD, write the number of cubes attempted and the number of cubes solved. Your score is how many of the digits...
  18. CuberRiley

    3x3 OH Glove Challenge!

    Here's a challenge I want you guys to try, it's pretty fun! The details and my solve here: -RECuber
  19. TPC

    Pi Day Challenge

    In celebration of Pi day, I've decided to issue a challenge to the cubing world. Watch the video below for details. Be as creative as you'd like!
  20. J

    A new take on cubing -No colors, just numbers!!

    Hey SpeedSolving! My name’s James and I’m writing to you on behalf of the Innovation Factory in Chicago. We’re launching a product called the Magic Cube that I think you guys are really going to like. It takes the traditional 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube and adds a layer of complexity. We've...