1. u Cube

    Lubicle Black on PIECES!!!!

  2. S

    Looking to buy Type C mini 4x4

    Looking to buy a Type C mini 4x4 (46mm) Preferably in black, stickers in good condition, and under $10 USD shipped. Message me if you have one for sale, thanks!
  3. M

    3x3 Illusion Cube (Dayan Illusion)

    Hey everyone, I finished an idea that I came up with a while ago and it turned out pretty nice. Dayan is not making Illusions, I couldn't come up with a name for the cube. Here is a link to a video showing my amazing cube!
  4. C

    PVC cleaner for dyeing puzzles (particularly the stickerless Guhongs)

    So I've got some white Shengshou cubes I'd prefer in black. I'm planning on dyeing them with petroleum dye and PVC cleaner / primer. Here's the test: People seem to think that the stickerless guhongs have less friction than the stickered ones (but are not...
  5. pjk

    Unveiling of the most anticipated V-CUBE 3

    If you didn't get the latest Vcube newsletter just now: Check them out here (you can get flat, pillowed, DIY, or the all 3 - in both white and black colors):
  6. TheAwesomeAlex

    Black or White Cubes?

    Hi. I was wondering what cube color do you prefer. Black or White cubes? Btw this is my 1st thread so I'm a bit new.
  7. antoineccantin

    White or black stickers on white cubes?

    On your white speedcubes, do you have white or black stickers? PS: I know there is already a thread on this, but there is no poll.
  8. T

    MIT Spring 2012: Big 2-day competition

    Alex Mason and I are graduating from MIT next Spring, so we thought that we should hold a big 2-day competition for our last MIT competition. Our proposed date is February 18-19, 2012, which is Saturday/Sunday of Presidents Day weekend. We plan to hold nearly every event (probably everything...
  9. thomasbomb

    Black or White?

    I want to know what you think about the color of your cubes and other puzzles. I personally like the white (with black stickers instead of white, obviously) but I know many people prefer black.
  10. smackledorf

    Lingao Magic Opinion: red or black being better?

    I heard that the red Lingao Magic is better than the black Lingao Magic. Do you guys have any insight on this??
  11. bluedasher

    Are white and black considered colors?

    Since there has been an on going debate about this overwhelming an existing thread I have taken it upon myself to create this thread to settle disputes going on pertaining to whether or not black and white are colors. If you have input please back it up with evidence. I do not want this thread...
  12. C

    White cubes vs. Black cubes

    I heard white cubes are more smoother....
  13. B

    Cube dust - just clean it

    Hey everyone, I have a question. I always have black dust on the inside of my cube. I clean out my cube piece by piece and a week of speedcubing later, the black dust comes back. I am aware that some silicone based lubricants are the cause of the black dust. I was wondering if there is a way to...