1. yRuslanLuy

    Speedcuber Simulator - Best speedcubing game

    Speedcuber Simulator is a new game that simulates all aspects of a professional solving Rubik's Cube Learn new algorithms, boost your speed and solve the cube faster than anyone! I will be glad if you test my game) Google Play...
  2. K

    CubingTime App

    Many of you use the best and unique timer for training, competitions and contests Today we are proud to introduce CubingTime App! Now you can train and compete with the best cubes in the world right on your mobile devices anytime and anywhere! Main features: ⚡ The world's first...
  3. C

    A Mobile App For Alg Training And Alg Storing

    Hello everyone! I was thinking about making an app for iOS and Android and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the idea/get some opinions about something. So I noticed that there weren't any good or free cubing apps for mobile that you could use for alg storing and alg training. The...
  4. dracine

    Long Overdue Update for Dan's Cubing Cheat Sheet App! => New Offline Experience & Print Stylesheets (to PDF) LATEST UPDATE Long overdue update! The site popularity is growing, and many of you shared meaningful feedback in the last 2 years. Thank you for your continuous engagement and sharing areas of improvements that matters to you. Let's take a look at the latest...
  5. M

    Giiker Cube software

    Hi all, I recently bought a Giiker cube and I had some thoughts about the app. I would like to time myself and know the splits for the solve. I know can do this exact same thing, but it doesn't time the solve. It does only a move split. Do you happened to know ant...
  6. Thomas Henrissat

    F2L Trainer Interest Check

    Hello everyone ! I have recently been looking for a F2L trainer to help me improve my efficiency, but haven’t been able to find exactly what I was looking for. So I thought, if it doesn’t exist, why don’t you make it? Before throwing myself head first into this, I wanted to ask you fellow...
  7. jranthony98

    App Development

    I am currently developing an all around solving algorithmic app. I find that there is no single app with all know algorithms, and all methods easily accessible. I was wondering if anyone would like to contribute possible app names, art, and other ideas.
  8. W

    Sune timer (Android) -- Major Update

    Hey everyone, Two years ago - I launched Sune timer right here on forums. Throwback to that: Since then, I've become a significantly better programmer. This...
  9. O

    Ideas about develop a X-Cross Software

    Hi guys, would be nice a software where you can practice X-crosses. Several programs like Cstimer and also CCT and DCtimer computes a XCross but, Is there a software where you can input a scramble and it gives you the Xcross by any color. would be nice to develop it. Im interested in...
  10. CuberRiley

    FiveTimer App Review!

    Hi all! Here is my full and honest review on one of the best Cubing apps on the market, called FiveTimer. Hope you like it!
  11. Erifdex

    SwitchTile - A New Puzzle for your Touchscreen Device [Android]

    Website | Google Play (Free) | Google Play (Pro) Hello all, So I haven't really ever posted on this site, despite being a member for almost 2 years. (I've not stopped solving puzzles though!) However, I've recently been working on a really simple touchscreen game inspired by the...
  12. B

    Tap Timer - The Next Best Speed Solving App for Android

    Hey everyone, you may or may not have noticed a new speed solving app in development in this forum post over the past two weeks. Today I've decided to release it to both the Google Play Store as well as the Amazon App Store for free. (If searching from the market, it's pretty far down the list)...
  13. W

    New android App. Any Thoughts?

    Hey guys, I just released a new android app that I think is really awesome for the cubing community called "Sune Timer". I added a basic timer that allows you to track times for five different puzzles, along with in-depth statistics, scrambles, and a performance graph. I have also upload EVERY...
  14. Gerra

    Average calculations help (how to handle DNF, +2 times)?

    Hi there, I'm making a lovely timer app for iPhone, now I want to refine my average calculations. Let's assume the session below: 00:10.00 DNF 00:12.00 00:13.00 00:14.00 00:11.00 +2 What is the best single for session here? 10.00 with DNF, or 11.00 +2, or 12.00? What time to...
  15. IngeneroiOS

    CubeTimer - iOS speedcubing timer

    EDIT: We've launched version 2.0. The thread can be found here. Hi all. CubeTimer v1.4 has been released onto the App Store, bringing some major improvements. It's still only US$0.99. I'll let the feature list speak for itself. • Tap anywhere on the screen to stop the stopwatch. • Stackmat...