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Jan 29, 2013
Many of you use the best and unique timer for training, competitions and contests cubingtime.com
Today we are proud to introduce CubingTime App! Now you can train and compete with the best cubes in the world right on your mobile devices anytime and anywhere!

Main features:
⚡ The world's first timer for all WCA disciplines with the ability to instantly syncbetween the web version and the application
⚡ Weekly contests with the best cubes of the world right on the screens of your smartphones
⚡ Scramble scans - first time on iOS
⚡ Gestures for easy use
⚡ View past scramble on swipe
⚡ Battle mode on a split screen
⚡ Detailed statistics with the ability to share results with friends
⚡ Session management
⚡ Session synch with profile
⚡ Split View on iPad

Download for iOS:

Download for Android:

Download and share your impressions in the comments!



Aug 23, 2015
[email protected] does not work. what is "⚡ Scramble scans - first time on iOS" ?

Nice work.

could you please had :

- smartcube connectivity
- 3x3 subsets trainer/timer