1. Gallifrey

    Trading MF8 cube at Stanford Fall 2012 (next week)

    I am thinking of trading out my old main(mf8 legend) for a new one. It is an MF8 legend 3x3, which some say is a very bad cube. This one in particular though has the ability of giving me equal times to my stickerless guhong(autocorrect : DIE). If you really need more convincing, watch convinsa's...
  2. Riley

    Selling/Trading Alpha CC

    Brand new, only did three solves. Idk how things go here, I'm also on a penspinning board where I have +25 positive feedback, so I'm unsure who sends first here. I'm willing to sell for 15 USD including shipping, but you can negotiate. Or trade, you can offer stuff. One offer I'd like is an...
  3. PuduMaster

    Guhong sticker size?

    I've got a Dayan Guhong (Lone goose) and an Alpha V but i ordered 1 set of normal stickers (cubesmith) and one set of the smaller size. which size should i put on which cube? *EDIT* basically what im asking is which looks better
  4. mljonesqwe

    How's it? i'm neil everett, not really

    Just joined and wanted to say hello. I'm from Louisville, KY. Deciding whether to get the F II or Alpha V so feel free to help me out.:D
  5. I

    [Review] Alpha Feng V 3x3x3

    This thread is for reviews of the Alpha Feng V 3x3x3. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: Where the puzzle was purchased: When the puzzle was purchased: Thoughts on the...
  6. collinbxyz

    Haiyan's Haiyan Cube vs. Haiyan's Memory Cube

    I think (not sure) I am going to get a few new cubes very soon, and I am wondering if I should order the A-6/Haiyan's cube or Haiyan memory? I have not seen any youtube videos comparing, but I really want to get one. I am just about to get A-6, but can anyone try to convince me to get the memory...
  7. D

    The Cube Hybrid Thread

    Recently there have been a lot of threads about hybrid cubes in this forum. i thought that maybe we should have a main thread about them so it would be easier to find, rather than searching in a sea of threads with exact same titles. if you found a good hybrid you'd like to share with or a...