1. highnickk

    What are the best non-WCA big cubes?

    Solving big cubes is fun, and eventually I wanna get into speed solving them, so what are the best big cubes from 8x8 to about 13x13?
  2. David Reid

    Selling Big Cubes (8x8 - 10x10)

    I am selling Yuxin HuangLong big cubes that I set up with Angstrom Celeritas. Prices are negotiable. Please PM me if you have questions or are interested. 8x8: $58 9x9: $64 10x10: $95
  3. sillyturdle

    ALL SOLD 19 puzzles (9 Magnetized) including Valk3M, YLM9x9, Monster go M, RS2M - 125 shipped US

    ALL HAVE SOLD I’ve been having some trouble trying to sell locally and it's got to the point where I just need them gone. I realize that the price is almost suspiciously low but I would literally give them away if anyone were in driving distance. There are some great cubes, and some not so...
  4. sillyturdle


    90 dollars to the us (as long as shipping isn't over 15 dollars or something ridiculous) Would prefer to sell as a group. 1x3x3 - YJ Floppy Ghost Cube 2x2 - KungFu YueHun 2x2 - MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong M 3x3 - MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong M 3x3 - YJ MGC v1(some chipping of the stickers) 3x3 - QiYi...
  5. PicubeShop

    I magnetized a MeiLong 9x9!

  6. H perm

    [Review] YuXin Little Magic 9x9: First thoughts and impressions

    YuXin Little Magic 9x9 review / commentary I recently got this in the mail yesterday (for $35 you can buy it here), and I was immediately awed by its size. At 90 mm, this cube is a giant in the collection, assuming this is your first non-WCA big cube. Here's how it looks with a checkerboard...
  7. Doctor Hedron

    The world's first FORCE 9x9 cubes!

    Not sure where such a thread should go - probably this sub-forum is the best for it. I made the world's first FORCE 9x9 cubes! Preeetty sure that they're first, anyway - couldn't find any other public claims by anyone else. These are made from stickerless Moyu / MofangJiaoShi / Cubing...
  8. imvelox

    9x9 single 5:48.41 (UWR)

    Never thought sub6 could be possible :p Using MF9 sub5:30 should be possible.
  9. O

    Theoretical World Record Prediction for Big Cubes

    Got bored and created an excel spreadsheet based on current WR averages for 2x2 - 7x7, and it fits the regression curve nicely (r^2=.998). It predicts probable world record averages for cubes from 8x8 (4:11) to 20x20 (39:19). For those of us playing with big cubes, it can give numbers to shoot...
  10. imvelox

    [Unofficial] 9:38.67 9x9 single

    Centers: 6:03 Edges: 3:04 3x3: 0:31 Need to get better at centers.
  11. nathanieljcuber

    Black Shengshou 9x9 and White Shengshou 9x9 For Sale

    hi, i'm new to this speedsolving and very excited to be around other members who share my new profound love of cubing :) I have two shengshou 9x9's in both colors (black and white) for sale, each for $70, includes shipping $3. Both comes with extra color stickers and in awesome excellent...
  12. Lethalis1234

    Looking for cheap Shengshou 9x9

    Looking for someone that's willing to sell their Shengshou 9x9. Preferably $50-$60 tops. USA sellers only. Thanks!
  13. J

    9x9x9 cube

    Hi all. First time poster here. Not sure if this is the right spot for this question, but here we go...Received my yj 9x9 cube in the mail yesterday. It didn't pop at first, but seemed a little loose. I tightened it up a bit and it started popping like crazy. I loosened it up again and it still...
  14. PandaCuber

    [Help Thread] Big Cube Discussion (5x5 / 6x6 / 7x7 / etc)

    This thread is made to talk about Big Cubes.(4x4-5x5-6x6-7x7-8x8-etc.) There are threads for CFOP, Roux, and Petrus, so why not for Big Cubes? Big Cubes are a much more difficult puzzle and more access to information will be greatly appreciated by everyone. In this thread, you can ask...