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[Review] YuXin Little Magic 9x9: First thoughts and impressions

What YuXin cubes do you own? (I don't particularly care about the model, just the event)

  • 2x2

  • 3x3

  • 4x4

  • 5x5

  • 6x6

  • 7x7

  • 8x8+

  • Square-1

  • Pyraminx

  • Skewb

  • I don't own any YuXin branded cubes

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H perm

Dec 31, 2019
YuXin Little Magic 9x9 review / commentary
I recently got this in the mail yesterday (for $35 you can buy it here), and I was immediately awed by its size. At 90 mm, this cube is a giant in the collection, assuming this is your first non-WCA big cube. Here's how it looks with a checkerboard pattern:
IMG_2758 - Copy.png
I had immediately scrambled it upon arrival, and then spent an hour doing a solve. My first impressions are that the cube turns smoothly (not buttery, but good) out of the box, in part due to the excess lubrication it received, which I had to rub off upon opening up the box. The Inside plastic viewed when it is turned at 45 degrees is the good "white premium" plastic, and the pieces are large and durable, for the trade off of a larger size (more difficult to turn). However, the large size is bound to turn heads in a public space. Overall, I'm really impressed with this cube, but maybe that's because I'm a big YuXin fan, having the YuXin little magic as my 3x3 main, the YuXin cloud 5x5, and the YuXin little magic square-1.

Note: The cube can come sticker less (which I recommend to avoid replacing stickers) and the cube corner cuts 1 piece

In conclusion, this puzzle which comes stickerless is affordable for its size, has rugged parts, appears impressive, and can corner cut decently. I'd highly recommend it is a 9x9 budget cube for anyone looking into big cubes.

Happy Cubing!