1. AdamsImmersive

    Here’s a Halloween pattern for 7x7x7

    Just for fun! 6 different “monsters” including a jack-o-lantern and a skull. No algorithm - I just hand-solved the one green edge for the pumpkin stem, then used variations on the “six spots” algorithm to build the round face and basic eyes/mouth, and from there added details using center-piece...
  2. AdamsImmersive

    QiYi WuJi 7x7 - how much force is safe to apply?

    I’ve never dissembled a cube above 3x3, but I’m considering replacing a slightly damaged corner on my new QiYi WuJi 7x7. 1. Is the right approach to remove a pair of adjacent edges next to it first—by turning those 2 layers to 45 degrees and... twisting/pulling the 2 edges together as one? 2...
  3. Sajwo

    [Polish NR] Cezary Rokita 2:41.69 7x7 Single

    3:09.09, 3:21.34, 2:41.69 = 3:04.04 This is unbelievable. First ever Polish NR in 7x7 set by someone else than Michał Halczuk. Video will be available soon :D
  4. B

    Would you like me to make tutorials for the 5x5x5 and 7x7x7?

    3 people have asked me if I could do a tutorial on the 5x5x5 and 7x7x7, i wanted to know if the rest of speedsolving.com comunity is interested, are you?
  5. B

    I just want to say hello!

    Hi, I'm Bernardo, i'm from Portugal, i can solve 3 puzzles the 3x3x3,5x5x5 and 7x7x7. :tu, and i don't have bad times be sides I'm improving every day so I hope i can become a good speedcuber.
  6. PandaCuber

    [Help Thread] Big Cube Discussion (5x5 / 6x6 / 7x7 / etc)

    This thread is made to talk about Big Cubes.(4x4-5x5-6x6-7x7-8x8-etc.) There are threads for CFOP, Roux, and Petrus, so why not for Big Cubes? Big Cubes are a much more difficult puzzle and more access to information will be greatly appreciated by everyone. In this thread, you can ask...
  7. S

    [Unofficial] 7x7x7 single: 4:40.41

    A good solve for me. Any tips, comments?
  8. RussianWhiteBoi

    what is your 7x7 movecount breakdown ?

    Hello! I've used the search function and haven't found an answer to this. Can you help out and tell me what your movecount breakdown is for: -first four centers -last two centers -tredges -3x3 thank you :)
  9. primecuber

    How to be consistent at sub 9 at 7x7x7

    I've been practicing 7x7 ALOT and i'm averaging about 9:20.00. My PB is 8:47.xy. Any tips to consist sub 9? My splits are usually 4:30-3:50-35
  10. M

    7x7x7 Parity tips please!

    Ok so i got my 7x7 cube like a couple of days ago and i can solve it alright, the only problem i have is that i get edge-parity almost every time. So my question is, is there any way to prevent edge-parity in previous steps? i tried to google this but i couldnt really find anything...
  11. B

    [Help Thread] Puzzle Setup / Tension Discussion

    Hey guys, im still relatively new to cubing ( 2 months ) and i have purchased a white Guhong from icubemart. I love it, however there seems to be a slight problem. No matter how loose, or how tight i adjust the tension screws, the tension doesn't change. The white and yellow sides are so lose...