1. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Feliks Zemdegs 4x4 vs. Noah Arthurs 3BLD

    Let's not draw any conclusions from this. Worlds was fun. Nuff said :)
  2. cubizh

    What/Who did you miss most at Worlds'13?

    Now that the World Championships 2013 has ended, I'm sure you must have missed something or someone in this competition, specially comparing it to 2011. Who did you miss the most? What did you miss more? As for me, the people that I missed most from the competition: - Maskow (I would...
  3. Noahaha

    [Official] WC2013 18/19 MBLD in 59:47 (Third Place)

    Serious congratulations go to Tim Wong. He practiced a lot and definitely earned the NAR and second place spot. I am extremely lucky even to have this result.
  4. TiLiMayor

    WC2013 - Los Angeles/Las Vegas - Carpooling Thread

    //Hello, here I am asking again, new thread style.. Apologies in advance for the bumps I might do in the next couple of days.. I've been planing on going to worlds for the last couple of months and of course since I had to find the best/cheaper way to get there, checking up on plane ticket...
  5. CuberMan

    [Official] 4x4 single: 31.33s Vincent Hartanto Utomo

    done by Vincent Hartanto Utomo in Singapore Open 2013 on 23rd February at NUS (National University of Singapore)