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What/Who did you miss most at Worlds'13?


Super Moderator
Staff member
Oct 2, 2011
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Now that the World Championships 2013 has ended, I'm sure you must have missed something or someone in this competition, specially comparing it to 2011.

Who did you miss the most? What did you miss more?

As for me, the people that I missed most from the competition:

- Maskow (I would like to have seen Marcell vs. Maskow)
- Alex Lau
- Yu Nakajima
- Asia and Nipat (Would have been fun to see Kian deal with their last names)
- Lin Chen (would have been a nice battle of the sevens)
- Erik
- Arnaud van Galen
- Dan Cohen (ikr...)
- Where were the russians?

Another thing that I missed, watching from a distance, was the 2011 camera quality of the live coverage.
The situations can't obviously be compared. In Thailand, there was a dedicated team to just film the competition with professional apparel and probably its own dedicated budget. It was very good quality-wise even though probably not enough insight on who the people worth filming were at for all events, which didn't happen this year. I want to give major props and thanks not only to Chris and Austin, that had this idea to share the competition with everyone through cubecast, but also to all the people that collaborated with lending the hardware to broadcast it. It was an amazing job given the fact that they were also competing and having to be stuck with the stream on a not-so-great internet, while also enjoying the competition and meeting people/having fun. The only problem was the overall quality throughout the competition that I wish it could have been better, but it's obviously not their fault.

What about you?


Mack Daddy
May 29, 2006
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Arnaud was definitely missed. It was also sad not seeing Sam Boyles, Ryan Patricio, and Andrew Kang, who have usually been good about showing up for US Nationals. Also, there are several European cubers I've wanted to meet for a while, like Erik, Simon Crawford, and Gilles Roux. Oh yeah, and how can you crown a world champion without Yu Nakajima present?


May 7, 2006
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it seems like Arnaud goes by AvG.
Apparently you're right, though in my defense, this and this also say "AVG".

Anyway, I missed...
- Hanging out with Tyson, Macky, John George & Co like at US Nats (did hang out with plenty of other cool cubers from around the world, though)
- Thom, who was great fun at last US Nats
- The opportunity to talk/do more with Dene
- Another opportunity to do more stuff in/around Las Vegas (or California)
- Alex Lau, Yu Nakajima and Maskow, would've liked to watch them and win something
- Two university exams