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    Win a free puzzle! What is a puzzle you want but currently don't have?

    I have always wanted a GTS2 M or a Valk M. Ive tried them in comps but just finished refreshing my mains so I havent spent on cubes in a bit
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I own a wuque, a mini wuque M, and a gts2m. The mini is very inconsistent in terms of quality. The gts2m is a tad fast and very locky for a rough turner, but very fun to solve on. The wuque is about what you would expect from a non-magnetic. I main the gts2. I would recommend going to a comp...
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    GTS 3 M or GAN 356 X?

    the best cube on the market is a) highly subjective and b) not limited to just those 2 cubes. I main a 354/Huanglong M but yearn for a YLM magnetic.
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    Which Cube Should I Get? Up To Date Recommendations

    Honestly I was only paying attention to the pearl, didnt see the mgc
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    WTB: Valk 3 M

    a factory magnetic version is about to be released, you might want to wait on that
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    [WR] Stanley Chapel- 1:19.20 4BLD WR!

    thats faster than it takes for me to do corner memo on 3x3 0_0 very nice, stanley
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    Which Cube Should I Get? Up To Date Recommendations

    I disagree with the above edit. 5x5 expert - moyu aochuang gts m, qiyi wushuang m, yuxin little magic m // ylm is not the best on the market. its good, but not the best 6x6 great - yuxin red // current list has a shadow, this is a step down. 6x6 expert - Moyu Aoshi GTSM, XMD shadow m, yuxin red...
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    Which Cube Should I Get? Up To Date Recommendations

    A few updates I would make: 2x2 Expert - Valk 2M 3x3 Budget - Remove MF3RS2 and add YJ Yulong v2M 3x3 Great - Remove YJ MGC and add GTS2M, and Cubing Classroom RS3M 5x5 Great - Change to Yuxin Little Magic 5x5 M 6x6 Great - Change to Moyu Aoshi GTSM. I personally much prefer it over the Shadow...
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    Texas Cubing Club

    If you want to meet up with other cubers in Texas, we have lots of competitions. Just off the top of my head, there is one in Houston in July, and one Im co-organizing in Frisco in late April (Its a 2 day comp!), and probably several more that haven't been announced yet. In Dallas, there are...
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    Upcoming puzzles

    Omg 2-13 Relay will soon be possible
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    Upcoming puzzles

    probably not soon, they were advertising the senhuan clock in 2016. nothing since
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    Which Method Should I Learn in 2019?

    Another random suggestion : BLD methods Like OP/OP or M2/OP
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    8.74 3x3 OH single - Texas State Record

    checked forums to see if this was anywhere (I was at the comp) Good job! Although, I think this post is in the wrong category. It should be in the Video Gallery, not WCA competitions
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    [NAR] Patrick Ponce - 4.24 3x3 Single

    Amazing! Good job Patrick!
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    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    I think any sensible person would go for a double X-cross even if it wasnt their main color, so its still odd that NO ONE had a signifficantly better solve, even sur-10 cubers. However, given this, We will have to accept the time as legit. For now at least. Edit: Video went up after I started...