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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    I'll not mention his full name here but suffice to say he's a fairly fast (sub-10 2h/sub-15 oh) rouxer. He actually used it in an official solve at worlds. A bit of both. I do a fair amount of experimenting and playing around with the method. NMB is probably only useful (and I only really...
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    Non matching centres is a reasonably useful technique though I wouldn't suggest starting out with it as it is only better in a very small number of circumstances. It's actually reasonably easy to learn to do it. Similar to the above, this can be useful but I wouldn't recommend starting out with...
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    YouTube is Removing Cubing Videos

    Create a new thread and let a moderator decide if it's worth merging or not. Otherwise, let dead threads rest.
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    YouTube is Removing Cubing Videos

    Almost definitely to some extent. But please don't bump 3 year old threads if you don't have information to add
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Considering it's would only be marginally more efficient than EG and there are an order of magnitude more algs (putting it in the ballpark of 1LLL), I highly doubt it would even be faster than what 2x2 solvers do nowadays. If someone wants to learn it, then they can do what jabari does with...
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    Shaky Hands Holding Me Back?

    Could you post a video? It'd probably be more useful to see what you're doing rather than just having you describe it.
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    Who do you think is the best speedcuber overall?

    Why isn't there a "none of the above"?
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    How good is "good"?

    The thing is with most comps like bats is that the qualifying times are usually as lax as possible so I wouldn't say the times are particularly representative of good. On the other hand, people who do qualify will probably be fast enough to impress the average person though probably not most cubers
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    HELP my hands are killing me

    Does this only happen with cubing? How hard are you forcing the cube? What cube are you using? What type of cramp? I have honestly never heard of anyone getting cramp after 10 solves before
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    What exactly are your bounds for mid-priced? You can still get current generation top end cubes which are significantly cheaper than the gan x like the wrm.
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    [Help Thread] SS Method Help & Discussion

    Well tbf it would've been kinda hard for him to have known about tcll given when this was posted
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    Long-term physical risks of speedcubing?

    There's probably a slightly increased risk of something like repetitive strain injury or tendonitis or similar. I wouldn't think it's much worse than something like typing a lot or maybe using a mouse a lot. As long as you're not pushing yourself to practise when it hurts and you're using a...
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    Heise Method Discussion thread

    Obligatory heise is too complicated to speedsolve really (Assuming vanilla heise- there's speedheise variants but i haven't looked into those for a while) That aside, have a look at some of the 3bld "parity" algs and use them to solve 2e2c or similar (j perm or similar is common but there might...