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    [Unofficial] Sexy move (RUR'U')6 in 1.09 by Ivan Makachev (22 tps) UWR?

    That's... fast. Did some parts of the cube melt because of the friction?
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    What's slowing me down?

    Wow thanks for that Brest! I'll definitively look into those rotations and lowering that move count! I'm also quite surprised you were able to reconstruct my solves with such a bad video quality :p
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    What's slowing me down?

    That's a few years old Type F, I have a DaYan ZhanChi on the way. I'll try to see if I can improve the move count on my F2L, thanks for pointing it out! Thanks! And I usually do those UU' to recognize the OLL/PLL and to execute it. What do you recommend instead? Also, I took a quick look at...
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    What's slowing me down?

    What's slowing me down? (New video) EDIT: I got a better average on video (15.29s) and improved the quality too, so I thought I might include it here: I just restarted cubing, stopped 2 years ago and picked up again this week. I forgot some OLL algorithms so of course that slows me down but...
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    WTB Kinda new/not too used V5 core

    All in the title. Price will be discussed about in PM. I'm not willing to pay more than 25$ (In that case, must be new). Shipping would be to Canada. Please contact me via PM if interested. Color doesn't matter.
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    Why would he?
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    TYPE Y CUBE!??!?!

    A type F? No. Size: 5,7 cm
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    V-Cube 6 parts

    Some people fail at reading comprehension.
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    For Sale: Meffert's Clone 4x4

    lolwut. make that 2-3 weeks if you include processing.
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    Good Hybrid 3x3x3
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    This guy could probably find "God's Algorithm"

    Laurentius, don't waste your time, Stefan is an *******. Sorry, had to post because this is just increasingly stupid how Stefan is always acting like he's god and like he knows everything. Alright, I'm gone once again. Byebye, flame on /topicninja
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    Bye, I'm tired of this bullsh*t

    <- Not f*cking coming back. Flame me all you want. Tired of the ******** of people acting all superior.
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    The recent bans

    And what prevents them from just making another account? By using the text method, even if they made 100 account they probably still wouldn't have 1 accepted.
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    The recent bans

    I have an idea. When someone register, he needs to write a 100ish words text on him and why he want to join this forum. Then we can see if it's like "hai i wun 2 b beter at rubix c00b, wher 2 b DIYs 2 mke me fazter???66" or if it's actually someone who seems to have a brain which he knows how...
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    What on Earth is this?!?!

    Tubifex worms colonies. EDIT: Ellis beat me to it =|