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    12-13 Year-Olds

    When I was 12-13, I didn't like this either, but I stopped caring after a while. People would think I was older than I actually was, which I thought was pretty cool, so I just went with it. If you don't behave like a typical 12-13 year old, people won't think of you as one. Just don't consider...
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    Stackmat timer and gloves

    Yeah, I've heard that people just sew a little bit of conductive thread into the tip of their glove to use with touchscreens, so you can do the same thing for this.
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    Introducing qqTimer!

    Where did qqTimer go?
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    Scrambling Orientation?

    I always scramble with yellow/red on U/F, and I solve with yellow on U, because I do a white cross.
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    Who's Watching Mars Tonight?

    I've been watching it the past few days, and will watch it again tonight. It's pretty cool.
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    The Cube Hybrid Thread

    Storebought cubies in an old Type A core. It is my main cube. Very fast, almost never pops. The storebought is from late 2004 and the (white) Type A is from 2007.
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    Want to get under Sub 20

    I'm down to about a 25 second average now. I do 60+ solves per day, and I am trying to minimize F2L rotations and improve lookahead.
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    Oat in January (Ruby scrambler 2.0)

    You should get into the habit of using indentation so that your code is readable. I'm not sure about the specifics of Ruby, but I would do something like this: (without Lucas' suggestion implemented, which is a good one by the way) lastnum = -1 moves =...
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    Optimal 2x2 Scrambles for CCT (for versions <=0.9.4)

    Ah, didn't look there. Thanks! :)
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    Optimal 2x2 Scrambles for CCT (for versions <=0.9.4)

    This scrambler? It doesn't seem to use optimal 2x2 scrambles, unless I am missing something.
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    Optimal 2x2 Scrambles for CCT (for versions <=0.9.4)

    Does anyone have a link to this code? I can't seem to find it.
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    what do you think of storeboughts

    My 6 year storebought is awesome. The pieces are crazy broken in, but the core became so springy that it started popping like crazy. I put the storebought cubies in my Type A core, and it's amazing. My main cube now.
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    Weekly competition 2009-49

    2x2: 7.64, 6.18, 8.54, 6.97, 7.42 = 7.34 Comment: Not bad. I'm getting good at 2x2. 4x4: 2:20.34, 2:21.57, 2:29.13, 2:23.99, 2:26.00 Comment: I hate my 4x4 beyond words. Solving it frustrates me. Never lube Eastsheens; they will never be the same.
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    Happy birthday Chris! :)