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    [Member Intro] Hello again

    I bet!!! I'm currently using an LingYun 3x3. Any good recommendations for replacing my old V7? I still love my V6, I put countless hours into breaking that thing in and modding it to get it just right No not yet, I have heard great things about SAO but have not gotten around to it. All though...
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    [Member Intro] Hello again

    I suppose this is more of a reintroduction My name is Christian, I am 30 years old and hail from Washington state I started cubing in 2010 and quit around 2012 (lost me to league of legends XD) I recently picked up solving again and thought I would stop in and say hello I mostly stuck...
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    OP 2.0 Beta

    22LL... quite a lot of cases, most of the set ups arnt that bad, i can usually get in 2-3 moves. But your right... Move count is very high. Doing this pretty much for fun. I pretty much made this for me cuz i use OP. And too lazy to learn a more serious method like BH lol.
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    OP 2.0 Beta

    i have had a couple of successful solves.... and a bunch of fails. Have not really come up with a good way of doing memo. I have just been doing 2 separate journeys for my edges and corners and following them at the same time. But i lose my place a lot... but then again I'm not all that great at...
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    OP 2.0 Beta

    So long time no see I thought of this on the drive home today. Its a BLD method similar to OP... I'm sure this has been thought of already, like most everything else in cubing It requires a more difficult memo, but!!! you will be solving your edge cycles and corner...
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    ZZ speedcubing method

    I know a local cuber who does... Nick Vu, Well all ZZLL minus the sune cases cuz he said its easier and just as fast to do Sune+PLL
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    League of Legeds

    sure... i play any lane... just not jungle. my main is fizz mid... too gud Summoner name is Throatlotion
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    SpeedSolving StarCraft 2 Community

    Server: US ID: Jukuren Code: 889 League: Practice... just got the game lol. Race: Zerg Teach me your ways......
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    CFOP F2L cube rotation reduction...

    it wouldnt always be 2 and 2... sometimes you would have 3 pairs you can insert 3gen from current state then rotate to insert the last one or any other variations. there would be times you wouldnt have to cube rotate at all... it all depends on the orientation of your E slice edges
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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    haha so last night i thought of a little finger trick for one EO case, just thought i would share ^_^... when you have 8 Miss oriented edges and all your oriented are in the U layer... before i would have just done L2 R2 U F B or some variation of that depending on the line edges. I dont know...
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    CFOP F2L cube rotation reduction...

    so i was doing some solves last night with avgdi. He uses CFOP as his main and i use ZZ and he mentioned he has gotten better at reducing his cube rotations during F2L and i got to thinking about it... really you should only have to cube rotate no more then once during F2L in CFOP right? you can...
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    Square - 1 is ossom

    this is what i learned from
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    Snyder Method Has anyone ever heard of this guy? lol